Your Muscles as a Mafia Organization

So how do you maintain constant growth and grasp of concepts? By creating a story and imagining a comparable scenario. This is our story: Your Muscles are an entire Mafia Organization!


And here we will apply all the 7 commandment-principles so don’t even blink.
You see a mafia organization is a perfect example for they have what they call the “muscles”. The muscles are the ones who do the heavy sh*t; they kill opposing bossmans, handle traitors, they frontline important operations, they protect the Godfather, they intimidate foes as long as they exist and have a mean reputation and in total; they are the heavy work of the mafia organization.
See the muscles of the body are more or less like that. They do the heavy stuff; they make the body move; they make it possible for the organism to lift, to squat, to run, and to do whatever he wants or needs to.

But a mafia organization wouldn’t want to get more “muscles” than they need. For one they are of course PAID! They are compensated or else why the hell would they do their job? They have special perks because they make things possible for the organization (lawyers too but that’s another story).


 And another thing:  the cost of their work is also expensive; if they are out to kill some dudes that is not a walk in the park; like what they say, blood is expensive. Mobilizing these “muscles” cost the organization so they have to make sure that each and every effort of the muscles would worthwhile for the family.

Therefore Godfather or any consigliore could not just send these muscles at any time to kill and kill some random dude at whim! Like what we said blood takes money and will cost the organization one way or the other. The organization would end up dead broke if they mobilize these muscles more often than they can or need to.

mafia assasination


With the facts above in mind we can also conclude that our leader could not just recruit and recruit as many muscles as he wants! The organization can only afford to pay for a certain number of muscle guys. If the organization recruits more muscles than it needs their expenses could easily rise above their profit margin and the family would be in trouble financially.

With your body the muscles and their movements really cost a hell lot of ATP and maintaining them costs a hell lot of calories (that is why keeping a lot of muscles is another surefire way to burn a lot of unwanted fats).

Your body could not just recruit and recruit as many muscle fibers as you want! The body needs to justify its necessity and muscles are just some “heavy consumers” and your body is a hardcore accountant; it considers the expenditure of everything that it adds to itself over the resources it gets. The body is a very economic efficiency oriented consigliore.


Workouts are your muscles fibers’ high cost assassination missions; workouts that occur before recovery is tantamount to exhaustion and is a surefire way to AVOID actually having any progress at all.

In the mafia, the muscle guys are honed by the experience they posses. Therefore the more fights and missions they go to and the more threat the family faces from attacks from other families; they tend to recruit more and more muscle guys to fill the need. But too much attack will lead the organization unable to recover and the wars will take a toll on the organization. That is why peace times are also a valued aspect of mafia-families diplomacy

Mafia diplomacy

or else they will just wear each other out; the same way you will wear your body out if you are taking workouts too frequently to even permit recovery.


So that being said, demand of muscle guys and wars, will tend to stimulate Godfather to recruit more Frankies and tough muscle guys (and lawyers). But too much peace and the organizations will take a pass on recruiting muscles and just keep the minimum muscle guys needed for protection, status display, and general business requirements- same with the use-misuse principle; unneeded and untrained muscles will not be kept by your body because it will see them as unnecessary calorie eating machines that hinder your survival.


And anyways since we are discussing mafias; let us therefore ask what the hell mafias are? They are a group of people doing businesses that you and I would not be wanting to do and in short their existence and operations rotate around one thing: Money or “RESOURCES”.
Without money to keep its muscle guys the mafia organization will also need to do some cost cutting and only keep the number of muscle guys that fall within the budget. Therefore a weak budget will lead to a weak family and ones that can easily be destroyed by richer stronger families.
On the other hand rich families enjoy more manpower and muscle guys including lawyers) because they can afford them. They have enough resources to mobilize them and earn from their actions therefore earning them more money- and more money means they will have more to make the family grow and in turn recruit more muscles. The family now becomes a formidable force stronger AND BIGGER than when they were poorer.
Protein is your body’s money and more meat means more capacity to recruit muscle fibers with workout therefore the BODY grows just like your BIG BAD mafia boys who got rich and decided to grow their family.


And all does not end with recruiting muscle guys; muscle guys also have their own specialties. To each of them is one or another. For example a muscle capo who is always sent to shoot motherf*ckers on a driveby will of course get good at shooting motherf*ckers  with a driveby.

A muscle guy who is always sent to do extortions will of course get better at doing extortions and will close more deals doing so.  An adopted kid who was raised by the mafia and made to undergo law school will of course eventually be good at protecting the legality of the organizations, finding loopholes in the law to protect the business process, getting imprisoned capos out of jail and in total will become an excellent Mafioso lawyer.

And I will allow you to guess which principle among the 7 commandments of muscle the above examples represent. I know that the fact that you found this website means you are all intelligent muscle heads. I am proud and thankful of you guys!

Please do leave your reactions, suggestions, or general comments below. EAT your eggs people!

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