Will the digital age truly collide with fitness in 2017?

Over the past few years we’ve seen technology gain tremendous recognition in the fitness world. In 2017, we will see these two industries collide. Wearable tech is becoming extremely popular, and increasingly more fitness enthusiasts will want to wear smart gadgets when working out to feel more motivated. However, many people still wonder if technology can actually help us get in shape and stay in shape in the long term. By 2020, experts predict that wearable tech will keep growing, reaching a staggering net worth of $34 billion.

Wearable tech at the gym is both trendy and motivating

The fitness industry is completely swept away by advanced technology and wearable gadgets at the gym. That’s because people constantly search for ways to stay motivated; technology is an excellent persuader because it instills a sense of responsibility. Also, some of the best devices one can wear when working out – whether on their own or at the gym – are extremely affordable. They boost people’s confidence levels by providing precise feedback on their progress.

For someone to become more motivated to lose weight, it is important depend on someone or something that is reliable. Back in the day, we had traditional scales in our baths that we used daily to monitor our weights. Right now, we have fit bits that monitor our steps and calorie count when we’re at home, at work, or at the gym.

Technology tracks data and helps trainers monitor their client’s progress

Advanced technology helps trainers gather important data from their clients’ tech devices. This way, they can check out their progress and decide whether or not they need to make modifications. When working out, people want to get feedback as soon as possible. Technology can help. It offer precise information, and it can even indicate what you’re doing right from what you’re doing wrong. Some even claim that such smart gym devices will soon replace personal trainers. Others however, argue that there are people that still like a face to face connection.

Human interaction matters because people want to be educated. Even though they fancy technology at the gym, they need someone to tell them how to use it. Experienced professionals are still in high demand, because people have different body types, and nobody is similar with another. Wearable technology has a lot of benefits, but nothing can replace someone’s personal advice on what your body needs to look its best.

Is wearable technology just a cool trend?

In some circumstance, yes it is. Wearable technology is distracting, and many people go to the gym to take photos, post them on social media, and nothing else. However, when used right it actually motivates you to work harder. Most devices are built for people who actually want to make a change in their lives. But there are gadgets that make us feel ashamed with our bodies, which is bad because nobody can really be motivate to lose weight in the long term when they’re just doing it for show.

Changing trends

As people become more educated about the importance of exercise in their lives, it’s only natural for exercise to be in trend. The positive effects of working out regularly can no longer be denied, and since many of us live hectic lifestyles, we need wearable technology to remind us that it’s time to take a break and hit the gym.

It’s good that more and more people become aware that they must be proactive and take control of their bodies. Digital devices are excellent because they alert us that we need a change. Since we’re too busy looking after our homes, jobs, and kids, we can surely use apps and smart gadgets to remind us that every once in a while we need to hit pause and maybe eat healthier, watch out diet, or exercise more.

This 2017, the world of fitness will change. Let’s hope that things will get better thanks to wearable tech and online apps. Once thing’s for sure: whether we’re taking starflower oil capsules and exercise regularly or we get our motivation from the internet, the goal is the same: to raise awareness and motivate us that we can look better than ever no matter how busy we are on a daily basis.

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