Whey Protein Stomach and Gastrointestinal Discomforts – How to avoid or minimize them

Whey protein can cause some minor GI (gastrointestinal) tract discomforts. We have discussed earlier how to take whey protein and YES whey protein is just another good training TOOL. That means in no way must you think that having the most expensive brand will instantly gain you muscle.

You can’t buy muscle growth!!!!

However whey is another great and convenient way for bodybuilders and athletes to sneak in some extra protein and meet their caloric requirements.

Remember your muscles are like some Mafia organization. If it sees that a steady stream of money (protein and nutrients) coming into the organization – it will recruit muscles (the mafia term for soldiers and Capos: the ones who do the “dirty” job) with less restriction because it has budget. So your goal there is to stimulate muscle protein synthesis by signaling your body that:

“hey you got the resources what the hell are you waitin’ for!??”

So granted Whey protein is very helpful specially for the skinny types like myself but truth be told, there are some discomforts that may be associated with whey protein consumption and in this post I will highlight some of the most common ones and will share with you guys some ways to go around them.

The GI discomforts that can be brought about by whey cam be caused by one or more of these following things:

1) The Lactose – even “high quality” whey proteins out there that predominantly contain Whey protein isolates still contain even  a little amount of Whey protein concentrates (the more unrefined version) and concentrates contain some small amount of lactose therefore taking large amounts may cause some gas for the lactose intolerant.

2) Dehydration – Protein sucks in water. When something is in your gut and your gut is dehydrated, won’t that feel funny?

3) Fiber – More whey, more protein usually means less fiber and this time around: also less water, since whey tends to dehydrate your GI tract. That would leave you with a malfunctioning gut and irregular bowels.

4) Allergy – you might be allergic to whey itself or to some ingredients used in your brand.

I am not so used to whey – I’ve had a lot of gains with eggs. But I recently invested in some Gold Standard Whey bottle- Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Cookies and Cream 2.07 lb (943 g), cookies and cream (I love that flavor) and it tasted so good that I think I “over took” it somehow – like a kid excited with his new toy.

The next day I got some gas and some minor bloated feeling in my gut that lasted hours after taking it. And I was farting like hell!

heavy fart from whey cartman

However compared to other people, especially those who were having allergic reactions; mine was a little bit mild. Some guys would have some mucous in their throat and their gut would really bloat up too much that you would notice it.

Doing these few things has eased my symptoms:

FIRST: If you figured you are allergic, it is probably best to switch brands since sometimes you might be only allergic to a certain ingredient. It is also wise undergo some lab tests.

– I drank a lot I mean A LOT of water! I made it a point to take at least 3 glasses of water for every serving of whey I took immediately after I gulped it or at least as soon as I can. This helped flush out the stomach and the GI tract. Luke warm water also works magic.

– Yakult – Yakult usually helps with food intolerance since it helps supply the GI of “good bacteria” that help digest and break down some nutrients that your body is normally unable to. In my case I have always been lactose intolerant so I guess Yakult helped me digest the small amounts of lactose from whey.

– Fiber and tea – I immediately took down some aloe vera juice and got back to drinking tea. Aloe vera is very rich in fiber and phytochemicals and tea is a great GI normalizer. I always drink tea when my stomach gets bad and it always works. It’s the anti-inflammatory effect of tea. Also: You can’t go wrong with tomato or carrot juice.

I know that you have something else in mind, share them below as comments: What discomforts do you tend to experience when drinking whey and how do you deal with them? Eat your eggs, people!

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6 thoughts on “Whey Protein Stomach and Gastrointestinal Discomforts – How to avoid or minimize them

  1. Regarding the fiber part, add a level teaspoon of psyllium husk powder. AS you say, important to drink water, and psyllium sucks up water, too.

    I order protein powder from True Nutrition and add the digestive enzymes. Never have any problem with the stomach.

    1. Yeah man. I dont really trust some cheap providers.True Nutrition is solid
      Who knows the black market could be adding some cement in there or some useless powder ugh! Better get your protein from sources that you trust.
      BTW man, what brand of protein do you usually get? How mych total including the enzymes? I am not so familiar with good and bad brands since I particularly dont really use them in the past but since most readers need it I need to try it as well. All I know is that ON is solid and clean (or is it not). I want to hear your opinion, dude.

      1. That is the brand I get. I’ve been using TrueNutrition.com for, must be over 5 years already. (Used to be TrueProtein.com) The particular formula that I start with is “DC’s Protein Formula” which is simply 100% whey protein isolate. Then I add the following: Natural Premium Chocolate, and Protease Enzyme Complex. The premium flavors are already presweetened, so no sweetener choice. Then get it in a plastic bag, ’cause it’s cheaper. (I put it in plastic jugs I saved from previous protein purchases from the health food store years ago.)

        Of course, for someone who wants other types of protein, they’ve got it all – hydrolyzed, grass fed, pea, hemp, micellar casein, egg white, beef isolate, rice, etc., etc. All available straight up or you can custom mix – you want 25% hydrolyzed whey, 25% egg white, 50% rice protein – no problem or any other possible combination. You can also add carbs (like waxy maize) and the flavoring, etc. I’m an old man, so I keep it simple for myself – hahaha.

        ON is a good brand, from what I’ve read.

          1. Thanks, Carnivore!I like it when you comment – very informative to me and the other readers.
            For everyone else reading this I really recommend the video – really informative. Man, you must submit some guest post about stuff like these. Just in case email me the post from the contact page.
            Highly appreciated

  2. Whey protein is one of those supplements ingredients which is used for reducing fat from the body as well as it is very much helpful in increasing muscular mass of the body.Most of the dietary supplements and multi vitamins consists of whey protein.

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