When to Drink Whey Protein – Perfect Times of The Day For a Shake

What times of the day must a lifter or a bodybuilder take his whey protein shake – or any protein supplement he is taking?

Not so long ago I received that question from a colleague we are going to call Jerome. He’s not actually just a colleague, he’s one of the team leaders in our department; he’s a great guy, and I admire his will to change his body.

BTW, Just a little bit of a give away for you guys before we proceed with the story:

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His body belongs to the “ectomorph” type so to speak. In short he’s skinny and I am impressed that he hasn’t gained a lot of body fat at all after years and years of being overworked and undertrained (with regards to lifting). This tells me that he can pretty much take in lots of calories without worrying too much about gaining fat – which is the last thing someone who lifts regularly should care about. Therefore my answer to his question shocked him quite a bit.

You see Jerome just bought a huge container of protein shake. Now contrary to my practice (I would just recommend consumption of whole foods and use eggs in place of protein shakes) protein shakes could also be quite good as one can use them as quick and easy source of quality protein – very convenient especially for people with busy lifestyles.

One thing with Whey proteins is that it tends to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream therefore aids in faster recuperation of the micro tears. This is something that you must take advantage of since you decided to spend money on whey protein anyways – therefore you must at least leverage the wins.

Since Jerome just started lifting and he doesn’t gain fat easily – I can foresee a great progress on his way provided that he feeds his body the nutrients that it needs. In his case I advised him to cease worrying about being too picky on foods since his metabolism is high anyways. And when he asked me when should he take his whey proteins my answer went like this:

I have two points of advice

Point 1: Since you bought whey protein anyways you might as well get the most out of it; if you are not in any way trying to save it up or if you don’t mind buying shakes frequently – you must use it liberally in this manner:

1 – After waking up; on an empty stomach (whey protein or no whey protein; you must eat after sleeping (fasting) for 8 hours or more)

*2 – 1 hour before working out (to supply you energy and protein for the coming workout)

3 – during the workout

*4 – Immediately after the workout (whey protein can be absorbed faster since it’s molecules are smaller – and tissue damage (or shock) leads muscles to become more permeable to protein absorption).

5 – After dinner or before going to bed (because most bodily developments and repairs occur during sleep – so you might want to provide your body some building blocks for the muscle cells that are “under construction”)

On the other hand if you’re planning on going thrifty with your whey protein, the best time to consume that would be at 1 hour before working out and immediately afterwards then for the rest you just have to ramp up your meat and egg consumption.

Point 2: Whey protein is good, and it can bring you some gains if used wisely BUT one must always prioritize whole foods especially eggs – whole eggs and he must also increase his cholesterol intake. What shocked Jerome, by the way is the very high frequency of which he must take his shakes (as illustrated above – that is why I gave him the option of just taking it before and after workouts) and also the fact that I am suggesting that he should actually consume egg yolks and cholesterol; at that point I explained to him the scientific basis of consuming cholesterol.

I talked to him about considering taking sips of his whey protein at work since I don’t see him eating a lot during his 8 hours in the office since him working out plus the fact that he has a damn high metabolism he really must get himself stuffed with quality protein (and cholesterol!) every time and eat more to take advantage of his metabolic gift and the whey protein that he already has is one convenient way to do that.

If you are also an employee like Jerome you might also consider eating more during the half of the day you that are in your office and consider bringing for lunch home cooked meals instead of useless fast-food.

So just a take home advice: Whey proteins are great like what we said before; but all in all it’s just ANOTHER TOOL at your disposal. A diet cannot contain whey, whey, and whey alone. Most bodybuilders think that you cannot gain muscle without whey; they are DEAD WRONG!  Whey is just convenient because it is 1) fast absorbing and 2) easy to prepare; but actually whole foods and eggs could do the job.

whole foods and eggs could do the job, you can gain muscle and strength even without the use of preotein shakes

By the way you can buy the Gold Standard Whey protein through these links:

Gold Standard whey

Gold Standard – nice and simple, just plain ol’ high quality whey protein without claiming too much BS. That is what I like about Gold Standard:

Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 Pound

100% Whey Protein – Gold Standard French Vanilla Creme 2 lbs

100% Whey Protein – Gold Standard French Vanilla Creme 5 lbs

And it goes in COFEE flavor as well:

100% Whey Protein – Gold Standard Coffee 5 lbs

100% Whey Protein – Gold Standard Mocha Cappucino 2 lbs

By the way for people with slower metabolism or the ones who have high tendency to gain fat – there is no difference with the protein and cholesterol consumption – the only difference is that you must eliminate “bread” from your diet, and minimize carbs altogether. You can instead eat rice and sweet potatoes for carbohydrates. You must also take in more fiber-rich goods in place of the low-quality carbs and junk foods that you used to consume. This will facilitate a healthier motility and aid digestion. Studies also suggest that fiber in your colon can facilitate the growth of good bacteria – the ones that help metabolize fat.

Also for more fat burning tips please read this post to see why timing your meals can help in fat loss.

Enough about me, I want to hear you: please share with some of our readers your experience with whey protein shakes and how do you take it. If you haven’t taken any that is also interesting and we want to know why and how are you going about lifting without taking these protein shakes? Eat your eggs, people!

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35 thoughts on “When to Drink Whey Protein – Perfect Times of The Day For a Shake

  1. The post-workout (within 30 min) is the most effective of all.

    I learned about the value of post-work out nutritional timing many years ago.

    I remember that one good layman’s explanation was written by Sandeep De. Googled his name and “Nutritional Timing” to find an archived copy:


  2. Yeah, I agree – better real food for most of the intake with whey as a supplement.

    I’d also suggest checking out truenutrition.com (used to be trueprotein.com). Have been buying from them for years. You can get any kind of protein with custom flavoring and sweetener and order it in a food grade bag to really save. Can also create custom mixes with carbs, etc. Prices are way lower than the big name brands because they spend way less on advertising. FAQ has a lot of good info: http://truenutrition.com/t-faq.aspx

    1. yeah partner! Nothin’ better than meat straight from the slaughter! By the way compadre I am waiting for your new article man, glad your still around. I am going to publish this month’s edition of the Testosterone linkage, I really would like to include any new stuff from the Carnivore out there

      1. Supplements are not necessary. They’re semtlepunpal, meaning they add to your routine and your diet. You can’t take someone with a lousy routine and lousy diet, give them supplements and see a huge change. You can take that same person, fix their routine and diet, and see a huge change. So the first thing to do if you’re not getting the results you want is to fix your routine and diet.The major mistake most guys make with their routine is that they don’t squat enough, don’t deadlift enough and don’t do enough compound exercises with barbells and dumbbells. Get off the machines. Look at the Starting Strength program to see how to do it right. For diet, most guys think protein is all there is to it. The huge factor is also calories. If you’re not gaining weight, chances are you’re not getting enough calories. You could eat 250 grams of protein daily and not see any change if you’re not getting enough calories.

        1. I am a homosexual man who likes to work out. Is the fact that I am gay mean I have less testosterone then a straight man? I have heard that from guys in the gym, but I think they are just saying that because they are homophobic.

          1. There are many reasons why a person would turn out to become homosexual.
            Anways you would be surpised to know that as a fact – men today have around 60% LESS T level than 60 years ago. Guess what, they are still straight. That drop in T levels in the populace is due to the poisonous foods and polution.

            Let’s go back to the gay thing.

            Your being homosexual might just be caused by environmental (or developed) causes and also biological but biological doesn’t always mean that it has something to do with T levels. Like what I said most straight guys these days also suffer from low T levels and for you you might as well have yours checked if you are experiencing low T symptoms like low energy levels, or even if you are only curious you muight as well have you levels checked just like what any guy would do.
            It is indeed your responsibility to keep an eye of your levels as a “Male” even if you’re gay,
            Eat your eggs, sis

  3. Hello. I’m a woman (25 years) and I’m really trying hard to gain muscle especially when it comes to calves and 6 pack muscles. I’m on whey protein, stim elite and tonalin cla. Am I taking way too many supplements??

    1. No
      Whey is good.
      and the CLAs are also great especially omega3s
      Just dont eat junkfoods but your sups are good

  4. Hi I’m a 15 year old freshman and I’m taking optimum nutrition gold standard whey. After every intake my vains feel pumped up. Why is that??

    1. You we’re probably taking my advice to take whey after every workout.
      If so then you will indeed feel pumped.

      Another thing is whey protein is filled with complex macros and protein in a single serving that your body literally floods with nutrients and thus you feel the difference. . .
      although whey protein is really not known or proven yet to cause extra “pumps” some people do report that whey protein does so to them nonetheless… if you’re one of those individuals then I guess you have just gained one extra benefit from whey that others can only wish to have.

      Happy lifting!

  5. I totally agree that whey protein as like other supplements are not necessary preconditions to make gains although they can help. But firstly someone should focus on his dieting and then proper dieting should be combined with supps as needed for each individual.

    Could you please explain me why someone could think of taking a whey protein shaker during the workout? Doesn’t it feel like wanna throw up?

    1. Intra workout supplementation is great, dude, but only if one can tolerate them. I personally have tried muching on hard-boiled eggs every after sets..

      The thing with intras is you probably wouldn’t be able to finish the whole thing while working out, but the steady suppl of macros during a workout I think really helps

    1. If you are lazy to read the few lines above. How can you build your body ?!!!!
      Take it one hour before and immediately after
      Lazy people

  6. hey,
    Just bought standard gold whey protein. my question is i m in night shift. i go to gym at evening like 18:00 to 20:00. which is best time to take this protein.


    1. As it is
      – The only difference is that we in the graveyard shifts have reverse time clock so just translate the advice to yourself for instance early morning shake for you is somewhere between 5-7 pm or as soon as you woke up before going to work.

      Off course you will still need to take whey before and after training whatever time of the day it is you train!

      Hope that helps!

  7. hello can we take whey protien empty stomach just after rising up in morning as a breakfast or it is necesaary to do some excersice after it ?

  8. Hi , I found a an old whey protein gold standard which expired 3 years ago . But its still very fresh as it was kept in a cool and dry place and also sealed properly . Can i still consume it ?

    1. If I were you I would try it. At least you will easily find out what to blame if you get ill. But chances are slim that you will. Just notify someone that you did that in case so your doctors can find the right medicine if you end up not being able to speak out what happened.

  9. Hey
    Its my first time to use the whey gold standard protein
    Which time should br best for me to use that protein during workout after or before the workout

  10. Hey
    Want to gain lean muscle should I take whey before going to bed ?
    I take it immediately in morningand post workout.

    1. For me it doesn’t matter. As long as you are getting enough nourishment all day. But if you do have whey and you are craving for it before bed (and you can afford to buy container after container) then I suggest you consume whey LIBERALLY.

      anyways if you crave something and you’re in a trained state..that ,means that your body needs that to recover. But if it will be such a task to drink whey before bed then don’t.

      Keep in mind that the most important time to take in whey is after training

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