To Become Fast, You Need to Become STRONG – Lifting for Speed

Most people tend to confuse speed training with endurance training. Every now and then I see aspiring athletes – basketball players, boxers, even tennis players run marathons and do repetitive drills thousand times hoping their training would increase their speed in their game.

This confusion has lead thousands and thousands of athletes astray. That is people and even some coaches don’t know what speed training is.

Speed training is basically the same as vertical jump training.

You see speed training and vertical jump training share two things in common:

1) They tend to confuse a lot of trainers and athletes

2) They both require power training


The reason I say most athletes are confused is because most of them train for endurance; doing repetitive tasks below 100% effort while hoping to achieve explosiveness.  They think that power training is just for power. NOT!

They think in terms of higher and higher reps instead of greater load and explosiveness – this is WRONG!
Training for both speed and higher vertical jump both require “explosiveness” – and the only way to achieve explosiveness is to train your muscles to contract with . . guess what. .


So that means that you must train to exert 100% effort in short bursts. Therefore you must lift using explosive Olympic-style lifts like power cleans, and progressively heavier weights. This will be against the popular belief that quick dudes lift light – NO WAY JOSE!

Training sub-maximally with high reps will only get you endurance and will improve only your skills and yes, endurance! Nothing else!  Training sub maximally will only get you more type 1 fibers and type 1 fibers handle endurance but not speed. If you like speed and power, train for explosiveness – train your type 2 fibers.

Take a look at sprinters and distance runners – you would notice that distance runners are the non-muscular guys while the sprinters would be the muscle-bound, strong-looking studs. This is so because sprinters (the FAST guys) train explosively and mostly with power-lifts. Any regimen that isn’t done with power and explosiveness is a wasted regimen for those looking for speed. Keep that in mind

Even Mercury trains for power!

mercury fastest GOD
Another thing is training for pumps also don’t guarantee speed and power. That means pure bodybuilding training is not designed for maximal power and speed gains. Keep in mind that the goal of bodybuilding is muscle gain which is just a side-effect of most training regimens. Besides that great bodybuilders would have balanced type 1 vs type 2 muscle fiber ratios and composition so if your primary goal is speed or power (or both) – you can drop those drop sets and just focus on doing several straight power-lift sets. 5×5 and 3×5 schemes usually do the job well. You must also do a lot of squats and deadlifts.

High intensity interval training (sprints) must also be a mainstay for those wishing to increase their speed and quickness. 

Another thing about the vertical jump training – the most effective system for improving your jump where you can literally add inches to your vertical is Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. You can also check out his promo where he teaches the basics of vertical jumping that a lot of athletes get wrong and instantly add 2-3 inches to your vertical by visiting this page. By the way if there is anyone of you training for speed please share your experience through the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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3 thoughts on “To Become Fast, You Need to Become STRONG – Lifting for Speed

    1. Thanks.
      But then again if by not resting you cannot do the move at the FULL 100% speed and explosion, you would need to take a breather untill you can if power and speed are your goals.

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