The NO SWEAT Workout Regimen – And How to Get by With Just a Few Pairs of Dumbbells

Lately I have been forced to sway from my normal lifting routine into something else that is definitely “no sweat”.

First of all, you know I love sweat and you know that I hate corporate gyms for their air-conditioning. I am more comfortable with room temperature and open air.

But given my circumstances, I just switched companies and therefore I had to wait longer for the next payday. Thus I and my wife really had to budget all that we had for the family. That leaves my usual allotment for gym expenditures including for my post workout eggs to zero even though it is given that gym sessions out here are very affordable especially at Brando’s and off course post workout eggs are so dirt cheap as well. But right now every cent counts and I only have allowance for transportation and packed lunches. Any extra unnecessary expenditure and we don’t get to eat.


Now I am quite a lucky guy – the new office I work for (which handles foreclosed properties) is not only closer to my place, have an easier workload and has given me a higher offer compared to my previous day job; but also has a weight room free for use for all employees. But there is only one challenge:

It only has dumbbells and two plain benches (a flat and incline) and a treadmill which I don’t give a rat’s ass about.

And the dumbbells only go up to 50 pound pairs.

saxon heavy dumbbells


Thus I utilize this NO SWEAT PROTOCOL because with this I get to hit the weight rooms almost every workday but I only stay there for just a few minutes at a time. Basically I just go there at lunch before eating my packed lunch (so that my meal could serve as a post workout and lunch in one.

It usually goes like this:


Flat bench press drop set (3 drops from the 50 pound pair)

Bent over rows with the dumbbells 2 sets


Superset Flyes with heavies pair and flat dumbbell press 2 sets

Alternate dumbbell curls 2 sets


Jumping weighed lunges 2 sets


Superset side rises to dumbbell standing military press 2 sets


Incline bench dumbbell curls 2 sets

Spider curls 2 sets

Lying triceps extensions 2 set

These are not necessarily the exercises that you need to do and those were just examples. You can just basically do any short lifts consisting of compound moves that you can do with limited sets of dumbbells and apply intensity techniques such as negatives, supersets, pre exhaustion (isolation superset with compound of the same bodypart), drop sets, and rest pauses.

And also remember to use very very slow reps most of the time since we are kinda limited on the amount of poundage that can be used.

Thus we need to get as much as we can from every rep as possible.

In the end all is good, I am somehow seeing some improvements (surprisingly) and considering that my diet right now has been a whack and I am not even getting enough calories on a daily basis, just maintaining my physique should have been a challenge.

It is because in this regimen, you will hit a certain muscle group many times in a week and will just do enough every-time to stimulate a growth response and thus allowing for optimum recovery. It’s hitting the weights more frequently but with less volume and you do intensity techniques to be able to reach failure and make up for the lack of poundage.

 It’s hitting the weights more frequently but with less volume and you do intensity techniques to be able to reach failure and make up for the lack of poundage.

But off course this is not designed to be done for extended periods of time. We would still need regular dose of hardcore whole body lift action from real weight rooms and gyms. After all, if we won’t get enough squats and deadlifts, the body won’t have enough reason to grow. And if you are a beginner I would like you to view this PAGE FIRST AND FOREMOST. Eat your eggs, people!

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