The Leg Exercise that No One TALKS About – and They Are Missing Out

Everyone loves a good squat! Why? Everyone loves great legs! When you go to the gym you would almost always run into small chats (I hope it’s after workout) and talk about the best exercises, techniques and the best lifts.

Leg lifts and workouts are not at all that popular, but if someone is really serious about developing great legs (or power if that is their goal) then you would get approached and asked about them pretty often – mostly because several lifters are clueless about them due to lack of experience (I am talking about noobs who love to do ¼ squats). You will get asked a lot about, squats, leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring exercises, good mornings, deadlifts, for Godsakes people are even very interested in CALF RAISES and the BUTT AND TIGHs MACHINE! But one exercise that no one seems to talk about or even know off is sissy squats! I have never EVER been approached by someone and asked:

“How do you do Sissy Squats?”

NEVER HAPPENED!! But rest assured that someone will always approach me while doing sissies with a weird expression on their face (like when they saw someone naked) and ask me what on Earth am I doing?? And that is not because this is not an effective leg move but mostly for the reason that most lifters simply don’t know that such workout actually exists! I know right? Because I have been there! I saw Sissy Squats one day in an Ironman article and had no effing clue what the eff it was! But Since I am here right now, like always – I will let you know about it haha anyways its my mission and my job to do so.

When people see me doing Sissy Squats, THEY BE LIKE:

surprised by sissy squats


What the hell are sissy squats by the way?

Sissy squats are just the BEST! It’s one of my favourites! When I do legs I always end with sissy squats! Sissy squats is the stretch position exercise for quadriceps (front upper leg muscles) and they will give your quads a good burn that you can carry back home (and even a week from then – seriously, don’t ride a bike on your way home dude, you will end up carrying the bike yourself)

Here’s Tom Platz doing sissy squats:

sissy squats TOM PLATZ


Check out our Killer leg routine and you will see a special place for sissy squats there. Killer leg routine would usually go like this:

Back squat (high squat – bar on higher traps not the lower traps wide variety)/front squats in alternating weeks – 4 sets 10 reps (only reach for failure on the last set – other sets you reach for only 1 rep short of failure doing no less than 9 reps slowly)

Pre exhaust Leg extensions and leg press (wide/narrow) – for 2 pre exhausts then on the second pre exhaust do drop sets of up to five drops on the leg presses

Sissy squats – 30 reps doing partials on the stretched position of the move with a weight that you can at least feel resistance to then after that you can stretch quads for full 30-60 seconds

How to do sissy squats is pretty self-explanatory. I am sure you would get it at first glance of Tom’s picture above. You would basically need a stable handle that you can hold (it can be a pole, a sturdy machine, anything that will not fall of you!), it can even be a rope!

For more intensity:

You can hold a weight (a dumbbell, a kettle bell, etc ) with your free hand. Remember to do the reps slowly especially try to “fell” the stretch at the bottom – since that stretch effect is really the point of this move. The rep scheme I recommend the one I gave above.

So what do you think?

Have you EVER tried this lift/move before? Did it help you with your goals? How did you do it? Anything you might want to add? Any agreements or disagreements are welcome – please hit us a comment below for everyone to see. I really also want to know if for a fact NO ONE talks about this – since according to my experience no one does. If you heard people on your gym actually discuss and also recommend this, we would really love to hear about that!

Till next time! Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the SIS! Eat your eggs, people!

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