The Feast of the TESTOSTERONE Gods

Its that time the month again; time to pay homage to the LORDS of TESTOSTERONE!!

Don’t worry about me – I have some special arrangements and I can get away with idolatry for this post without being burned by the one and only YHWH.

Thus we have this entry of Testosterone link fest or “About Lifting Carnival” to help us GET more JACKED with the super T!!

Whether you want to increase you lift or you want to increase you quality of life as a man – you need TESTOSTERONE and there is no better place to be than here – AboutLifting – right here, right now!

So what do we do now? I say light up some cigar and enjoy this tribute. Don’t want to? Don’t you know that Jordan does before every game? Might as well take some puffs before doing your thousand pound squat!

thousand pound squat

But before you do, you need to get to know some basic facts about your muscles – Stan has something new about that right here. Better get to know how the machinery works before operating it.

Now we discussed beforehand about the stupidity of some people concluding that humans are indeed HERBIVORES; today welcome back one of our brothers- the ferocious Carnivore, with his article about how not to get fooled by idiots who say that you can turn from the “before” and “after” photo in a matter of hours.

So with that being said, let us hear from a man who has once let himself go but is now embarking upon a long journey to get his old body back. Best of luck mate!

It would indeed be a long wait; but life is not about waiting; we must always strive to reach the destination and get something done! Something real, something beyond your soul-sucking job – if your too lazy to listen to me, I’ll call Victor to kick your ass!

Know the truth, and nothing but the truth, “La Verdad“.

Now let us hear from the old timers like Sloan, who has been living the life of iron for several decades. Now he is going to share with us the flow of life and lifting.

Now, do you believe in Apocalypse? The western world with all of the idiotic stuff they inculcate into your brain – I guess the end is not that far off at all. What do you do? Run to the Government who’s selling you off? Cabrones!!

So there is really nobody else you can depend on. If I were you BOOST your testosterone and get up on your ass! Lift the damn weights, learn some MARTIAL ARTS and get some …cupcakes

Thus let us let testosterone rule; and surpass the SHIT TESTS of life. The world loves us – it just wants to see us hurt and test us. The weak would fall and the testosterone-filled men will stand. Stand tall, brothers!! Eat your eggs!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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4 thoughts on “The Feast of the TESTOSTERONE Gods

    1. Thanks, I just love your revelations, bro.
      Just curious, you don’t go by the name of Bill now I just noticed, I have obviously been away for quite some time. .
      Is CM Sturges your real name?
      I bet you had a post explaining that, and I missed it, can you give me the link, bro?

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