The Body Doesn’t Love What it Receives – How to Shock your Muscles into Growth with Diet and “Deprivation” Periods

Your body may be smarter than you are but it still possesses some characteristics that you do as a human being particularly the fact that “The body doesn’t count its blessings”. When the body receives a certain diet regimen meant for muscle growth or even fat loss for an extended period of time, sooner or later the body’s negative feedback mechanism kicks in and you will no longer derive a benefit from that said diet or supplementation.

I have been asked by lifters many times to explain myself further regarding the principle of homeostasis or the negative feedback mechanism. Although we have just discussed that in the recent article I want to share with you the very simple concept that I teach curious lifters. If you are confused about how the negative feedback mechanism works then just remember this one simple phrase:

“The body doesn’t count its blessings”.

Basically the body tends to neglect stuff that it is receiving too much. So tendency is that if you have been taking a certain supplement for quite a while (a few months or so – it varies from person to person) you would notice that after quite some time it loses its effect – the same thing with diet and exercise stimulus that has been taken consistently for a few months.

So how do you solve this?

SIMPLE – the same way you treat a person who doesn’t count his blessings:

“Shock deprivation”

Deprive her of what she is ignoring until she learns to appreciate what she possesses

It’s true; you’ll never know what you have until you lose it – or at least have experienced a “risk” of losing it. In the past discussion we have stated how to do this with exercise but I do admit that the diet part was left untouched.

In diet it is basically the same “shock” approach. That is why the term “intermittent fasting” is becoming more and more popular because it works. And the reason it works is simple; because the bottom line of that method is to “shock deprive” the body. Basically same as what you do with tweaking the intensity of your workouts from week to week, you can also tweak the intensity of your diet in a weekly basis or simply introduce a “fasting” day or simply a “deprivation” period which can last for even a day or two in a week or when you feel that your diet (or supplement) is starting to lose its desired effect.

We have cited beforehand the fact that a girl loses interest on her lover if he tends to give her consistent attention and declarations of undying love. The only cure to that is for the man to tamper the amount of TLC he is giving his woman. He must instill periods of what we call “dread” where he unconsciously signals his girl that she can lose him at anytime.  That scenario is a perfect example of “negative feedback” and “shock deprivation” at work and how shock works to negate the “negative feedback”. This is the same thing that we must do to our body especially in our diet.

For example you are taking whole eggs or whey protein regularly for the past few months. The chances are your body is already starting to get “numbed” because of the negative feedback mechanism – just like when you are receiving too much money; chances are you would “waste” more money.

Then what you should do is spend two days on certain month or week when you completely eliminate whey or eggs from your diet. Don’t worry about crap like “losing muscle” on this period. You already are when your body is getting used to the same protein sources for a long time.

During those “deprivation” days above you can either replace the protein sources with another one (except soy since soy is pro estrogen) or you can go hardcore and go on a total “fast” which is not advisable if you are trying to gain weight. Simply removing the heavy duty protein sources like whey and eggs is enough and completely rely on whole foods for two days up to a week. You can even go on a pure veggie juice only diet once in a while just to shock your body.

It is the same thing for people trying lose fat by cycling carbohydrates. They would need to reduce their carbs every day but they need to have a high carb day once in a while to “shock” the system and keep the diet from losing its desired effect.

I can assure you whatever method you choose to shock your body into growth (or fat loss) – once you get back to your normal “full” diet, you will find your muscles get “fuller” and your veins popping especially if you also restricted your carb intake during your shock days. After the “shock” period your body’s negative feedback will get some kind of a “reboot” and it will utilize the nutrients that you take in like it’s the first time; if not better since it will be like introducing rain to a civilization after giving them a period of drought

rained after drought

– they will tend to store and not waste the water that they will receive and just like your body:

“They will learn how to count their blessings once more and love what they receive”.

How about you: have you experienced a “shock” starvation diet before? How did it work out? Eat your eggs people!

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