Testosterone Linkfest – Saludos to the Manosphere

Welcome to yet another issue of About lifting Carnival – Testosterone Link-fest!  In this issue I would like to salute the Manosphere – without it and its community, About Lifting would not be a success. Now we average of about more than a thousand visits per day from all over the globe.

More than that though is the fact that the Manosphere has helped me become a “better man” not in the popular sense but I am now better at becoming “good at being a man”. I hope you got my point.

The first ever Manosphere post I have stumbled upon was from Roosh – Top 15 game tips for long term relationships. That is after a bit of a searching in Google – from then on it all started and I began to devour all the new, politically incorrect information I can and put into practice all of the wisdom that I can. And then finally I learned how to be in control of my own LTR (long term relationship) and for the first time I am not perplexed about relationship and sexual dynamics.

Yes I know the Manosphere has become a den of many “Crybabies” who only wish to whine about all the unfairness instead  of taking action. But I trust that you – the hardcore audience of About Lifting are not like that. Being there reading AL right now that you people are focused on action and change. The Manosphere indeed is valuable to the beholder who will USE its value instead of using the comments section of blogs for “Whining”.

So without further ado let us proceed with this month’s “TESTOSTERONE-BOOSTING wisdom!

Keoni – A Glossary of Terms, Breast Cancer no BS Facts

Sloan – My Training Philosophy , Normalcy is Mediocrity

Stan – Getting Rid of Your Bloated 6 pack – He teaches here how to use the Vaccum which we call here the “sucking in” exercise. This is a good one don’t miss it.

Tom fit –Exercising

Apocalypse cometh – Modern men and suicide

Belly Fat loser – Foods that help you lose fat

Learn another language – Using a Spanish Textbook – farm it

Kenny – Home Exercises 

Danger and play – Talk about forehead wrinkles

Roissy/CH – There is a new kid in town

Bold and determined – How winning is done, Nootropic Magic

K PUA – Sleep with a Married Woman

Laid NYC – How to Make your Son an ALPHA MALE!! – I love this post, Cutting your son’s bird, don’t do it

Poet – Alexandre Dumas

Heinrich Milo Steinborn lifting an elephant

Inspire your testosterone! That one is Heinrich “Milo” Steinborn, the guy on our header (the first thing you’d see when you enter Aboutlifting.com) lifting a 400kg elephant.

Hidden leaves – Stand with Pax

Tao of Dirt – Emperor’s new clothes

Usawa – One Arm Snatch best pics

Carnivore – Kraut’s Rule

See you around guys. Lift some weights and eat your eggs, people!

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