Testosterone Linkfest- a Turkey of Links for Thanksgiving 2013

Here we are again and happy thanksgiving! We are here to feast on our testosterone-injected turkey of links – Hey! Don’t complain, I am very sure you have eaten Steroid-injected chickens and turkeys, that seems to be the standard of poultry these days.

And since this is Aboutlifting’s first ever Thanksgiving, we will only serve you with extra-special linkages that will surely beef up your testosterone levels!

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Hawaiian LibertarianThanksgiving post, Not good business

Matt ForneyWhy 9/11 Meant that America is on decay, Latest Podcast

Carnivore – How to Fight a Baby, Choosing the Right Eggnog

Good Looking loser – Zuberi, The Rooster, and GLL are all Chris, and Chris is Zuberi, Rooster, and GLL – and that is the GLL Trinity. – and here’s why a 5 foot 1 inch guy can get laid more than anyone else. What was your height again? ANd here’s why Style is very important

Victor Pride – I was tired of waiting for new posts of Vic when finaly he posted his anniversary article (a must read inspirational) and his latest: Battle Cry

TTSDB – Rib-cage Development

UniversalOur Guest post

GolferBalance Training

Yvete SalvaUpper Body Challenge

Healthy Living8 Things to Remember

RobinHow to NOT DIE – Don’t be obese!

Javier and Cielo ¿Como Estas?

Apocalypse ComethRecognizing the Obvious

AmerikaWomen in the workplace is a BAD IDEA

Roosh VRelationship Game Model

Iron Veteran, SLOAN – Texas Volume Training MASS

Turkey for thanksgiving

(that photo above used to be Muscular Development’s “Nutrition Researches” Header)

Living Fit and healthy – Why You Must Lift Heavy

Andrew 5 Easy Weight Loss Tips

PhysioPrescriptionBalance Test

D & P1 Year Sobriety

HeartisteANDROGEN ALERT!, Hot Wife Happier Marriage, Forgot How to game? Here’s a quick guide

K PUAWhy You must NEVER be Tamed

Michael Mathews (one of my Favorites) – The Grecian Ideal – This got me measuring my wrists all of a sudden

Again, I say happy Thanksgiving! Eat your Turkeys. . and EGGS, people!

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    1. Thanks also for the “No poo” baths you have recommended. I have been “no poo” since then and my skin feels great! But since my hair is quite long its taking longer to adapt.

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