Testosterone Link fest Episode 5

Welcome to another one of our Testosterone linkage where we celebrate the joy of lifting, bodybuilding or simply being MEN! BTW like us of Facebook here. an here are my google+ pages please support them, thanks.

Well then first let me ask you how’s it going? How’s your life? How’s your lifts? How are your women? Or your woman? The first thing you need to do is ENJOY them! YES! The only way to succeed as a man and IN LIFE is to enjoy it! Don’t ever think that you don’t deserve it! You DO!

As a man who brings this society to life and as the bearer of the holy testosterone let us enjoy ourselves for the good of mankind! Now let us drown ourselves in more TESTOSTERONE!

Keoni – Addiction by design

Stan – Paleo, low calorie diets don’t work

Will – Leviathan, mini linkfest

Awesome child – Greek inspired salad

Heartiste – Serial killer dies, Women mourn, Day to day alpha, Bringing balance to masculine force, Spinster logo

Matt Forney – Rethinking the KDP secret, Journey to the end of the night

VictorThank God it’s monday, Real life NZT

Translate from Spanish to English – Text message, Increase Vocabulary 

Bestiaria Latina – Latin Proverbs

PUA central – Cost free romantic gestures 

My favorite Olympian:

Dorian yates

Carnivore – The proper roles of husband and wife

Jack Donovan – Finding your tribe, Hours are just hours

GBFM- Boycotting marriage

GL piggy- links, Expert epistemology

Bill PowellEvery married man should read this, Don’t tell me you haven’t experienced this, you never can tell

Athol Kay – Framing the official relationship history, Dragon’s lair, Was it booze

Rational male – cant buy me alpha

Social- How to ask a girl out

Risogimento -Grain and chaff

Unmarried man- Edward Snowden said, Texan Psychopath

Dalrock- Red pill going mainstream

Danny 504 – A week of food porn, Betas make the world go round

And once again we celebrate the holy testosterone! Join us once again submit your articles in our Blog carnival form if you are not above and want to be included in our next week’s linkage.

¡Hasta la vista, baby! Eat your eggs, everyone! And don’t leave your EGGS in your wife’s(or girlfriend’s) purse!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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