Testosterone Link fest Episode 3

Here we are again in another edition of our “About lifting” carnival or what is more popularly known as Testosterone Linkfest!

Again we celebrate being a man and we celebrate TESTOSTERONE! For how can you grow huge and strong if not for testosterone?And how can this society grow huge and strong without testosterone? Without men?  ¡Ni Modo de Puta!

Lets begin with yours truly – How to increase your vertical jump

Hawaiian Libertarian – Gaming the curse of eve

Zelsh – Why gym chains steal your money -I like this one! This is the reason why I train at very cheap smelly gyms but where I train its always filled with TESTOSTERONE! Keep away from PLANET FITNESS types!

Victor Pride – Be somebody with a body

Its good for a man to learn many different languages, here is where you could learn Spanish- The best way to learn Spanish

Carnivore – The soviet era MUSCLE BEACH

Rollo Tomasi – He’s special

David – 30 day better body challenge

Poet – The lays of ancient Rome

Danny from 504 – f**c k  Samsung!

WF Pice – Getting in shape

alphagameplan – 30% of women are sexually dysfunctional

Matt Forney – Don’t you even have a life?, The Rabbits go to war

Heartiste –  The perfect alphamale online dating profile, The soft man, the hard man, and the cold man

Dalrock – Continuing the Discussion

Athol Kay – You can’t fix your marriage by being mad at the opposite sex,   Fun money

branch warren trains chest

What Testosterone looks like (above)

Great books for men – Foundational sin

GL Piggy – Trayvon Martin wanted a gun, Poe’s law

Stan –why low calorie diet simply don’t work

Will S – I love Irish bars but I hate Oirish pubs


SLoan – The 30 rep workout, Epictetus pumps Iron Part 2 – I love Sloan’s articles on Epictetus be sure not to miss them

Bill – Memorial

Stoner with a boner – Start your engines


Badger hut – Upping your status with the right drink

Yohami -Find your crack

Tao of dirt –  The fraud of feminism

Captain Capitalism – The most underutilized weapon in a man’s arsenal

Nanny – 18 of the greatest blogs highlighting exercises to help get the perfect abs

Eat you eggs Everyone! Btw don’t forget to submit your articles on this link and like us on Facebook.

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How to Increase Vertical Jump
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