Testosterone-filled Links

Today is the first edition of “about lifting carnival together with more testosterone-filled links.

Now some of the links below don’t really have nothing to do with lifting per-say but most of these came from the world at “World’s end” of the internet known as: The Manosphere. Yup the mighty Manosphere. We integrate this linkage to the current about lifting carnival particularly because one: Mr. Poet is absent nowadays (I hope he gets back soon) and these guys deserve to be known, and TWO: WE LOVE TESTOSTERONE!!

Yeah baby! We love it!

So lets say you lifting like a pro-bodybuilder; you have those 20 inch guns and so on. But at home your a lame-ass feminist and you believe that all things that makes a guy are EVIL! You have been fed lies by the society and I even doubt that you are making any progress at all. Why? Because you hate your own testosterone! And tests make you big!

So what is really heroic about these Manosphere guys is that they will make you realize that taking the red pill is the only way to go about living a life of freedom; and they are the only people on the world that tell me that MALENESS is GOOD and TESTOSTERONE is NOT EVIL.


Look around: people blame maleness and testosterone for everything. But if you take a look at history and pre-history you will find out that it’s the same “testosterone” that established mankind. So the nancyboy bodybuilder at the above example would be better off licking plastic bottles and eating a gallon of soy. Because hating his manhood itself will hinder his progress and never will he become a “complete”, MALE, Iron disciple.

First and foremost: check out the research-based training guide here

Scott: Beginner’s guide to lifting

Rational male: Remove the man

Bold and determined: How Prisoners Get So MuscularHow Money Can Naturally Raise Your Testosterone Levels

Frost: Thumotic Linkage

Keoni Galt: Biotech is Godzilla

Bill Powell: This pretty much explains it all

Deti: About female partner count

Elusive wapiti: Killer training, Ban guns

Matt: Housekeeping IMF

Dalrock: Expectations vs outcomes

Heartiste:  Scientific Evidence That Men Dig Barely Legal Chicks

Bestiaria: Latin Proverbs and fables roundup

Alpha Game: Be the strong horse

Vox: No Tyranny lurking under the bed

Jack Donovan: New Reviews of The way of the men

Married man sexlife: Pintrest and disinterest

Art of manliness: The importance of roughhousing, How to shave like your grandpa

RooshV: Patricia’s smartphone

Badger Hut: Rock climbing, fear and game

The Rawness: Shame is immature

Red pill room: Breaking beta, TAKE A STAND

WF Price: Were the 1950s so bad?

YOHAMI: Girls with boyfriends

Captain capitalism: For those about to get divorced

Attack the system: Walls must be felled

Tao of dirt: How to tell if you’re lucky or good

Bang some chicks: how to dump a chick without her goin crazy & stealin all your shit, F-Close Church girls

Fly fresh and young: Come to squat jesus

Hidden leaves: As Reverend Shaw Moore Said

Stoner with a boner: PAINKILLER!!!!

Danny from 504: Game everyone

Koanic: How to do tongues 

Patriactionary: The Heretic Arius

Post masculine: Young Americans work overseas

Carnivore: Diversion – Realism Challenge

Samson’s jawbone: Praying for our Catholic friends

Maverick Philosopher: More on same-sex marriage

Transmillenium: Short Story by Who is Dr. Faust?: The Littlest Feminist


By the way, here’s the link for the Blog carnival entry

and this one is for our regular linkfests

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ENJOY don’t forget your eggs; yes the food and the gonad!

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