Testosterone-Filled EASTER EGGS

According to tradition – Yeshwa (Jesus) died last Monday. But he’s up and alive again today because today it’s EASTER SUNDAY!!

Now, I know that some of you especially Catholics; have just undergone a dietary restriction for the whole week where you avoid any type of land-animal meat product – which is a good way to RESET your system thus it will now assimilate your protein better this time around.

But undoubtedly this might have done a number on your testosterone levels since it is generally easier for your body to manufacture Testosterone in the presence of animal meat in the diet. Therefore we will skip all those egg-hunting today and I will proceed to force feed you guys some:


Courtesy of our jacked Easter bunny, What’s up doc!!

muscles on easter bunny


-Let’s check out how Keoni’s kid (keiki-nothis real name) is doing. Actually he’s doing great! Keiki doesn’t like eating manufactured, (unreal foods) foods and mostly eats home-cooked, natural treats and that was enough to boost his immune system.

-Breviary reveals several research papers: High-protein diet improves reaction times, and this one is interesting: deficiency in vitamin D and hospital confinement – most likely if you are deficient upon confinement you’d die of iatrogenic death. Imagine all those viruses and germs in the hospital attacking your deficient body, think about it.

-The Carnivore celebrates Easter!

-Sloan examines the popular Ebook, Big beyond belief and the traditional HIT protocols. I agree with his opinions in that regard, check it out.

-Matt says that the Manosphere is dead, and you’re f*cking responsible! – Damn who cares:LET’S JUST LIFT SOME WEIGHTS!! But damn you better brew you best coffee for that because it’s quite long. But you’ll love it. LOL Danny’s cute btw.

-Father Will on his latest entry; God Bless you, Will.

-Stephanie said Stop doing cardio; that is half true. Check the article out.

-Learn self defense from D&P

-Alphamale Makeover gives out his top grooming tips for quick results

-Apocalypse cometh tells us where it all started, you won’t wanna miss that 

-Tim on How to design your program

-Mark’s Daily Apple will teach us how to prepare Salt Roasted Lamb. Yummy!! Eat that after workouts!

-Check out USAWA’s articles on Grimek

-And one of my favorites from the Chateu, says Jesus had game. Yup Jesus was the most influential men of all time and that is because he had great social skills.

And that will do it for today! Lest your levels rise beyond what nature intends and you begin to aromatize and form bitch tits! Happy Easter and eat your EASTER eggs, people!

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    1. Thanks for good article as well. Without those there would be nothing to include in my roundups.
      Hope to see you here more often,
      belated Easter!

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