Testosterone: As Important as Your Training Regimen

Testosterone: As Important as Your Training Regimen
There’s probably not a man alive that hasn’t heard of testosterone.
So what does this mean? Are ALL men fully aware of the importance of this hormone?
The likely answer is no.

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The reason being, testosterone is often used in light-hearted jest, often by men in the gym.

If you are serious about your weight training, it is important to get down and dirty, and learn everything there is to learn about this very important element linked directly to your training regimen.

Firstly, you need to understand that testosterone is a “steroidal” hormone that your body produces.

Bodybuilding aside, up to 96% of testosterone is used for different purposes within the body. But we bodybuilders like to associate it with physical change.

How many people have told you that increasing testosterone will give you bigger muscles? And do you know what? This is in fact true!

Okay, agreed, more testosterone equates to more muscle.

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But, what do you know about the downsides of increasing testosterone?

Probably not much, because it’s just not cool to go against the grain.

For your information, artificially induced increases in testosterone, especially when done through steroid use, lead to testicular shrinkage.

Natural testosterone is produced in your goolies, and once your body has enough testosterone, your goolies begin to think that they do not need to produce any more of this hormone. This leads to smaller nuts!

I know you’re thinking, steroids are illegal, and they are bound to have side-effects.

Unfortunately, testosterone related side-effects are not only associated with the illegal methods.

Your physician can offer you testosterone replacement therapy, if you are diagnosed with low testosterone.

Testosterone replacement therapy comes in a number of forms including patches, injections, gels, pellets, oral pills, etc.
And just like the anabolic steroids, testosterone replacement therapy can also expose you to a number of side-effects including excessive hair loss, man boobs, loss of muscle after an initial increase, among many other things that I don’t want to bore you with.

Okay, now that we’ve cleared that up, it’s time to look at the safer methods of increasing your testosterone levels, and what safer method is there then using a natural testosterone booster?

Natural testosterone boosters simply encourage your body to produce more of its own testosterone.

This means, your testicles will begin to work overtime producing more this hormone, and rather than shrinking in size, they will become healthier as a result of the extra activity.

Natural testosterone boosters, as the name suggests, contain natural ingredients, and therefore they do not require a prescription and any potential side-effects are minimal.

To learn more about natural testosterone boosters, you can visit www.testosteroneboosteradvice.com and you will find lots of information about the pros and cons of these supplements.

Moving back to anabolic steroids, most countries and sporting organizations view this type of supplementation as illegal.

If you happen to be a member of a professional sporting organization, my advice is to check up on their policy before you even think about using these harmful substances.

Did you know that women also produce testosterone?

Yes it’s true, the average woman produces almost 15 times less testosterone than the average male.

Once the testosterone is fully formed, it then travels through the bloodstream, approximately 96% attaches itself to the various proteins such as albumins and globulin, which assist it to get to the kidneys.

The remaining testosterone is known as “free” testosterone which interacts with other cells, which leads to the physical changes most bodybuilders strive for.

Yes, you’ve cracked it, the more “free” testosterone you have, the higher the likelihood of developing bigger muscles.

Studies have shown that “free” testosterone induces bigger muscle mass in a number of different ways:
• testosterone increases protein synthesis
• protein synthesis leads to fat-free muscle
• testosterone restricts the affects of cortisol
• testosterone increases the number of red blood cells, allowing for improved oxygen flow, leading to enhanced endurance levels
• testosterone strengthens the skeletal structure by providing calcium

That’s not all…testosterone replenishes “satellite cells“responsible for providing nitrogen to the muscles. Testosterone also stimulates the IGF one hormone.

Without the adequate amount of testosterone, you can train day and night, and still you will not be anywhere closer to where you ought to be, in physical terms.

Your muscle mass development will be poor; your strength levels will hit rock bottom, your libido will be non-existent, your bones will become brittle, and chances are you will feel depressed a lot of the times.

Therefore, it is vital that you retain the right amount of testosterone in your body at all times, whether you are a dedicated bodybuilder or not.

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    1. Not sure. Women have less T off course but why would a girl want to increase here T so much? I am confused

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