Reducing Rest Period between Sets is just as good as Increasing Training Volume as a Muscle Overload tool

Follow @AboutLifting There are many ways and factors which you can use and tweak to gain progression when you lift weights. The main purpose of these factors is to gradually increase muscle overload and are simply ways on how one can […]

Why 200 Pounds can Be Heavier than 300 Pounds – Progress with STRICT Form Before going Heavy

Some people believe that one cannot do any sort of progression without increasing poundage (myself included). This sometimes leads to bad and dangerous form. Although there’s an advantage to hoisting heavier and heavier weight over time – since it will […]

No-Failure 5 by 5 Bench Press – Build Power and Strength Phase

Today we are going to discuss a certain protocol in bench-pressing wherein we won’t strive to reach for failure, but instead we would just concentrate on racking up your numbers and increase your load capacity. In short, we will train […]

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