The 3 Part Training Regimen – A Very Simple Brain Dead Way of Constructing your Lifting Regimen

forward smith squat for glutes and hams

There are ways of properly constructing one’s weight-lifting regimen especially if your goal is building muscle mass. You just have to ensure that you have sufficiently stimulated the target muscle groups – no more (as it may lead to under-recovery […]

Reducing Rest Period between Sets is just as good as Increasing Training Volume as a Muscle Overload tool

There are many ways and factors which you can use and tweak to gain progression when you lift weights. The main purpose of these factors is to gradually increase muscle overload and are simply ways on how one can gradually increase […]

Freaky Friday, 5 Freaky Exercises – 5 High Intensity/Effort Moves that you have (most likely) never tried before

Cheers to all A-lifters! It’s Friday and it’s my favorite day of the week – so today we will discuss some techniques that you might have not tried before. Note: Although we call the moves we are about to discuss […]

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