Superset Cross-Overs with Dips – Perfect when Chest Development Hits a Stand-Still

Has your chest development been suffering a stand-still lately? So you are already doing well on all your bench presses and can out-lift almost everybody in the gym. Technically, your lifts for chest have been improving but inspite of that, you are seeing very little to no progress in terms of muscle development. In other words you find your chest almost as flat as when you were weaker or basically they don’t really look as strong as they actually are.

Now there could be many reasons why your chest development would suck. For specifics about benching and chest development I recommend you invest on Critical Bench – It’s a famous book that has helped many lifters overcome their benching plateaus by teaching them principles that you won’t even know exist.

Critical bench increase your bench press

So some reasons for muscle development lacking would be using a too wide of a grip on bench presses or not going deep or only doing partial reps when pressing instead of making the bar almost touch your xiphoid process (lower chest). It could be that you are just using one regimen for months without change or you could be just doing your reps haphazardly and not lowering your weights slowly (the lowering portion is responsible for most of your hyperthrophic gains).

But let’s say you got all of those covered but for some reason your chest development still don’t seem right at all.

Well you must have just hit a wall in chest development! That’s all!

That means that your chest just stopped responding from your usual regimen just like a girl growing tired of her uber-sweet boyfriend who always brings her flowers and tells her “I love you”. The solution for both situations fortunately is not very complicated:

You just need to do a little SPANKING!!

Well for relationship sake you might just need to tone down your “dedications of pure, undying love” and become a bad boy for a while (you need to consult Roissy’s relationship game for that). And for pecs that have gone cold (for which you must ask ME, not Roissy) you need to shock your chest a little with some ultra-cool high intensity moves and some killer chest workouts here and there. And today I will share with you one of the most effective techniques I have ever tried:

Superset Cable cross-overs and Dips!

Now What the hell are supersets? read here

That is basically a “pre-exhaust” method; You will be exhausting chest with an isolation move first then you will proceed to the compound exercise without rest!

Arnold on Cross overs

arnold cross overs


You will do this as your LAST exercise for your chest day do 2-3 set (2-3 supersets). Do 10-15 reps each and then to failure.

What is so cool about this combination is that cable cross-over is basically an isolation and a contraction-position move at the same time which means that your chest will get continuous tension all throughout the movement and dips are basically one of the best CNS-involvement move for your chest.

TIP: To hit the chest dips must be done with elbows as far away from the body as possible and your back rounded the entire time.

Do it like how Mentzer does it below:

mentzer dips

Make sure that you lower your body slowly for at least 3 seconds on your dips! You will be surprised for how heavy your own body weight will feel every time you go from crossovers to dips – that is simply a statement of this technique’s power to challenge your body to adapt for hypertrophy!

So that will surely make a great “sayonara” high-intensity shocker for your pecs and take you out of the training rutt! Has anyone reading this post ever tried this technique before? I want to hear from you guys from the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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5 thoughts on “Superset Cross-Overs with Dips – Perfect when Chest Development Hits a Stand-Still

  1. Ola, did not try it, but I am currently into chest development, need to put those clavicular fibers into shape 😉

    1. That’s great to hear!
      I forgot to tell here that the better back development, the better your pecs are gonna look
      keep that in mind

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