STEROIDS Alone CANNOT Guarantee Results

Can anabolic steroids serve as a stand alone solution for attaining the perfect physique? So why bother with all these fancy, DIFFICULT, complicated lifting sh¡t???? I’ll just inject a load of jack into my system and forget about every rational lifting principle there is! RIGHT????


steroid - is steroid alone sufficient

You see like what I said in the disclaimer: we are not against the use of steroids or any substances you might want to take; legal or illegal- we don’t care, that is your decision- but About Lifting will never be responsible for anything since practically the Ironthumb system can be applied by both clean and jacked lifters and expect gains nonetheless. Ours require no use of substance and was not created to promote any brand, patent, etc.

With that being said it is undeniably true that being “jacked” will of course – get you JACKED! But the question is: will that be enough?

I remember one of our family’s closest friends in the past decade (we don’t see him much now since we moved to another town). For this post we will call that guy “Uncle Jay”.

Now my dad was the best doctor in our locality when he was around; he was the people’s doctor and now that he’s gone the folks out there would flock for another doctor who would bear our last name.

You see Uncle Jay’s family (not uncle by blood) was one of those people; and another thing is Uncle Jay was also a weight lifter – an aspiring body builder who owns one of the biggest local gyms in our area and the iron spirit of which I still admire in memory up to this day.

So guess where does Uncle Jay go (or DID go) to for his cycles? Of course to my old man; since that is what you do if you don’t want to inject yourself- you look for a doctor to administer the dose- and of course since they were compadres he didn’t need to worry about any professional fees whatsoever.

I admired this guy’s passion for lifting as much as I admired the spirit of the gym he owns. I also admire the fact that he would go to great lengths just to improve his physique including getting jacked. And furthermore we are not talking about “sissy” doses here – the stuff he had was enough to turn an ACTUALL pony into a stallion! Literally! Really, since my dad used to tell me that Jay’s stuff are even used for race horses, no sh¡t!

But here’s the thing; I didn’t admire the way he trained. He just did the same thing over and over again in a very haphazard way. The stuff that will only work if a guy is genetic and the thing is he’s not. So what happened? He looked big while on cycle, bulky but no definition, and he looks like crap off cycle.

See the thing is even horses and derby roosters are conditioned by their owners scientifically. These are basically beasts – and their conditioning is treated with precision and cunning with results in mind. So what reason could you think of to treat a “human’s” training haphazardly? Unless that human is more “genetic” than a beast; and on Uncle Jay’s case – he’s not so the result? NONE!

It is a shame – because just three years from then I started lifting already and in no time I began to gain more muscle and looked better than he did with his years lifting and getting “jacked”. It’s such a pity though since with the power of the substances he was taking – it could have took only a few months of serious training under the guidance of the Grand-daddy laws and a few high intensity techniques applied like a dash of salt here and there even without genetics he might have at least attained a herculean physique.

So guys I guess the point of this post is that yes; steroids are serious stuff. But some think that

“steroids will GET you muscular”

When it should be:

“Steroids will HELP you get muscular”. 

Oh but I’ll be taking serious sh¡t that I’ll gain muscle just by looking at the weights!

Okay. We did mention that he was taking HORSE jackers, right?

So I guess the point of this whole thing is that whether you are on “stuff” or clean – you will gain no results until you learn to observe the LAWS OF IRON or what we know better as the Grand-daddy principles: the 7 mighty commandments. The only lee-way that nature will give you is that if you are a genetic freak otherwise even if you inject deadly amounts of artificial testosterone into your bloodstream – it will still be for naught.

note: the only difference of being on steroids is that while loaded; one can train more frequenly since recovery will be faster; besides that, you must keep the same scientific principles in mind.

So the good news today: train scientifically, remember the Grand-daddy principles by heart, and give 100 percent intensity – Steroids or no steroids, genetics or no genetics I guarantee; NO! Nature guarantees that you will become a bigger, and badder you. Eat your eggs, people!

BTW guys let me ask you: For those who have experience being “jacked”; how do you train? How does it affect your recovery? Can you share your experiences with our readers? And for those who haven’t experienced taking steroids could you share with us how to go through the challenges of training clean especially with dealing with the soreness? If you are a hard gainer who has already gained some results could you share with the fellow readers some of your wisdom? Thanks in advance.

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