Stay Fit by Traveling with Your Dog

If dogs could talk, they would say “no” to the kennel and demand to come with you on vacation. Perhaps a growing number of people have learned to interpret their furry friend’s barks because that’s exactly what they’re doing: traveling together.

It may be more difficult to than standard two-legged tourism, but there are distinct advantages. You never feel alone with your canine companion, and it’s easy to stick to your exercise routine with Fido badgering you for a trot every day. With that in mind, here are some ideas for holiday activities that you both would love, along with some pup-friendly places to visit.

Hit the Dog Park

They’re springing up across the nation to give pups the perfect place to play, and you’ll find them along the road with the help of these smartphone apps, according to Techwalla. All that excitement causes problems if you and your dog aren’t prepared, and that means using ID tags and microchips in case they run off. Also, be sure your pup’s vaccinated, and bring along a first-aid kit with parasite prevention products for the worst-case scenario. Lastly, never come between two dogs in a fight, as that could lead to serious injury. Distract them instead.

Go for a Hike

Your dog will have more fun than you. They’re a direct descendant of the wolf, and the forests and fields are your pup’s natural habitat, a place where they can explore the sights and smells of the natural world with their two-legged companion. There are a few rules if you don’t want to run into any trouble on the trail. For one, don’t choose a route that’s too long, and that depends to a large degree on the breed as well as their age.

Ride Your Bike

Large dogs love to trot alongside as you pedal, while little fellows sit happily in a basket as the wind whips through their fur. That’s just another reason to bring your bike while you travel, and it’s a wonderful way to see the sights of the city or enjoy the fresh air of the countryside. A word to the wise: Pack water for you and your four-legged friend, don’t go too far, and watch them carefully for signs of exhaustion or injury.

Take a Swim

Spaniels, poodles, and retrievers love the water, as do more than a dozen other breeds. If you’re the proud owner of one of these, take them to the beach. They’ll likely head off into the waves like a rocket as soon as you open the car door. Keep your friend’s safety in mind and watch out for dangers such as strong tides, large waves, and dead fish, which often contain toxins that can make dogs sick.

That’s all well and good while traveling, but now on to the destination. Have you given much thought to where your pup wants to spend their vacation? Here a few places that any dog would love, and that will certainly love your dog back.


  • Key West, Florida


This island has much to offer the four-legged tourist of the woof persuasion. There’s a dog beach, and Lazy Dog Kayak will take you both out for an adventure on the sea.


  • Austin, Texas


Famous for its thriving music scene, this city has also gained notoriety for being dog-friendly. There’s a dog park, along with a dog bakery and a Mardi Gras dog parade.


  • Denver, Colorado


It’s been deemed the most dog-friendly city in America, thanks in part to the dozens of restaurants where you can relax with your buddy rather than tying them up outside.


  • Nashville, Tennessee


You’ll come for the musical legacy, but your pup will find amusement elsewhere, such as the numerous dog parks throughout the city. There are also places for you both to eat.

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Wherever you decide to go, this upcoming vacation will be a blast for you and your best friend, and you’ll have no trouble staying in shape. Feel free to have an extra beer, of course, as long as your dog gets an extra biscuit. All’s fair in love and travel.

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