Spider Curls for Bigger Biceps – How to Perform Spider Curls

The Spider curls is a very good (if not the best) old-school way to bring out the full potential of your biceps. This move was popularized by Larry Scott the first ever Mr. Olympia. If you want to vote for Scott as your favorite Olympian, you may do so by visiting this post.

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According to Scott, this move really helped him bring out the PEAK of his biceps. No surprise there since the position of the body during spider curls doesn’t allow for any assisting muscle so the biceps would really do all of the work which make spider curls the greatest way to really target the Biceps and only the biceps.

If you are curious as to why the hell be this move called “spider” curls; it was because the very first bench where Larry used to do this was on the one designed by Vince Gironda which had 8 legs – hence the name, spider curls.

Now let’s get to work!!

-As you can see in the photo below of Larry Scott, you utilize the preacher curls (or an incline bench) but the pad where you are supposed to rest your elbows on the preacher curls is what you’re going to use to rest your body (instead of your elbows) in spider curls:

larry scott with spider curls

-Now let your arms hang with the weight – this is going to be your starting position. Don’t move your elbows nor sway them. This will keep the tension on your biceps.

-Then carefully curl the bar like how you would with the curls. With this one you can squeeze the bi’s at top of the move (for 3 seconds) since there will still be some resistance at top.

-Then proceed to lower the weight slowly for at least 4 seconds to feel the burn. You can also utilize partial reps at the stretched angle of the move once you reach failure.

Note: You won’t be able to use heavy weights on this move since you will be putting your biceps on a very strict position wherein no other body part could assist it on the move. Do some 10 reps for 3 sets. You may want to have a spotter since you will not be able to cheat the weight up nor assist yourself when you want to do a forced rep.

You can also do some dumbbell variations (two hands or one hand) like this one below:

spider curls

For a more sadistic workout, choose Spider curls to execute either your drop sets, Rest pause, Inflitonics or Omni Contractions for biceps. Only do one of those on the last set and once you execute those on one move for a certain bodypart, you can no longer do that on other moves for that same muscle group – unless you want to hamper your gains, be my guest.

21s is also a perfect intensity technique for spider curls. 21s is where you would do 7 reps on the stretched angle, 7 reps on the contracted angle, and 7 reps on the complete range of motion. For curls that would look like this: 7 reps from bottom to just shy of the midway, 7 reps from just above the midway to the contracted portion, then 7 reps on the move’s full range of motion.

Now guys I know you have your own favorite bicep move, can you share what it is below in the comments? And what about your bicep development and peak- do you think Spider curls are good for bringing out the peak? Eat your eggs, people!

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