Specialize your Training and Lifts According to Your Goals – The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer

What is your goal? That is the most important question – to know your goal. You must train specifically for what you want to achieve and specialize on it. For you I would assume it is either you want to:

1) Build muscle (like a bodybuilder)

2) Build strength (like a powerlifter)

3) Lose fat or trim excess body fat

The basis of a rational, intelligent, and logical approach to exercise or any other arena of human endeavor is the recognition that only the specific appropriate knowledge can lead you to engage in the appropriate action required to achieve a goal. – Slick huh? Anyways that did not come from me. Those were Mentzer’s – that is The Wisdom Of Mike Mentzer.

I have read most of his works and I have to say that most of the supplementary techniques that we have on the Ironthumb protocol like the hellish “Inliftoniucs” and “Omni contractions” all of those I learned from Mike Mentzer. So if you want to see his wisdom firsthand and learn a lot of lifting common sense from his ideas then you must definitely see his book – The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer. You can gain access to that below:

The wisdom of Mike Mentzer

Although his program is off course not perfect since there weren’t much studies back then (therefore I did not utilize 100% of his protocols in the Ironthumb system). Although most of his ideas that used to be considered “renegade” back then; science is slowly finding out that his words were indeed true take time under tension for example..

And his statement above about specificity of training is in my opinion one if the wisest things he has said. Indeed a lot of his ideas came from simple logic and common sense which most of us tend to forget and reading his work like The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer, you will learn not only the stuff that will help you in lifting but will also help you go through life in general with logical thinking intact.

Note: Specificity also happens to be included in our Seven Commandments of Lifting which is also known as our Grand Daddy Principles.

The basis of a rational, intelligent, and logical approach to exercise or any other arena of human endeavor is the recognition that only the specific appropriate knowledge can lead you to engage in the appropriate action required to achieve a goal

Indeed; I remember way back in my “online gaming” days I would play online RPGs. For those who can relate you would have to know that each character has to have a “built” be it “strength type”, “agility type”, “sword type” etc. And in most games you need to also set the “race” or what type of warrior your character will be and each type of character has specialties and weaknesses for example a knight will always be great for the frontlines and against huge mobs but they cannot take a “magic attack” since their “intelligence” are lower. And each weapons would also tend to be “specialized” for example there would be swords that are great for hunting “Bosses”; there will be those that are great for large monsters but weak against small ones. If there is a weapon that is “strong against ALL” in your game then that is a “GAME BREAKER” which makes that game not worth playing.

Anyways enough about that I hope you got my point. In any facet of life, you must have a goal; you must be built for something. We have also discussed that before in the sprinter – distance runner question:

Which body type would you prefer? The one of the Marathon runner or the one of the sprinter?

What Body do you wish to have?

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Needless to say that a sprinter would have a different training regimen compared to that of the marathon runner or a long distance runner. A sprinter would tend to do a lot of high intensity interval training while a long distance dude would need do run miles almost every day.

Another example; I started lifting way back in college, bodybuilding was really my passion therefore I trained like a bodybuilder. But the thing is I get my scholarship from playing Shot-put for our athletics (track and field events). Needless to say training like a bodybuilder didn’t turn me into a great thrower/ Yes I had pretty good strength because I had greater muscular surface area than most guys and I would throw farther than the average joe. Looking back I could have been better have I incorporated more explosion- training and power lifting like the one in the Jump Manual.

jump manual

Note: That sh¡t is for real, I added inches even on the first day simply by tweaking my form according to Hiller’s suggestions.

Anyways I admit that I wasn’t wiser back then although I was starting to perfect my own muscle building method which I now call the Ironthumb protocol; obviously that wasn’t good for building power and the CNS conditioning required to make “great/extraordinary/fantastic” distance throws like the ones of Randy Barnes (below).

randy barnes specialized shotput training


Obviously one needs to gain SPECIFIC knowledge about how to go about training for his GOALS. One must train specifically for the art or the endeavor that he needs to be good at; the one where he needs or desires to be the “GREATEST”.

Therefore if your goal is building and gaining muscle, then train like a bodybuilder and apply the nutritional elements and regimens needed. Needless to say you must train and specialize on the body parts that are lagging.

You want to burn fat? We have just the thing for ya’ll in these posts!

If your goal is to become a power lifter then you need to train your CNS and focus on improving your 1 rep max. You should do programs like the Bulgarian method, the 5 by 5 method (training 5 rep max for 5 sets in major lifts) etc.

Or if you want to improve you bench press specifically (for a bench press meet or simply for bragging rights) then you should follow a badaass training regimen like the Critical Bench Program which will add several plates to your bench guaranteed.

Click the image below to check it out risk free:

bench press power

Or if you are an athlete and you want to increase your explosiveness and add several inches to your vertical jump then you need to train for explosiveness like in this program that we have here.

So point taken you really should consider first your goals; why are you lifting? What are your goals? And please be kind to share them in the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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