Lifters (and NON LIFTERS ALIKE) Should Minimize Soda and Added Sugar Consumption (Especially Those who are on a Diet) – And a very EASY Tip on How to Break Soda Addiction

We know that soda is one of the most terrible things that a person can put in his body regardless of his fitness or strength goals. Later I am going to share with you a brief story of a time when I got addicted to cola and why I decided that I must break the habit. I will also share a very easy tip on how to avoid drinking too much soda just in case you are already addicted to it.

Soda contains high amount of fructose (not to be confused with REAL fruit) and added sugar. Several researches have been compiled about the effects of added sugar (the ones you get from sodas and other junk foods) and they came up with these conclusions:

– Added sugar overloads the Liver with Fructose can cause non-alcoholic fatty Liver disease

-Sugar cause Insulin Resistance, a stepping stone towards Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

-The Insulin Resistance Can Progress to Type II Diabetes

-Sugar can give you cancer

-Has Unique Fat-Promoting Effects (The last thing a person trying to lose weight would ever need!) And don’t even think about taking DIET colas instead, they are by far EVEN WORSE than regular soda!

And furthermore, they also found out that it is NOT (animal) Fat BUT It’s SUGAR That raises your cholesterol and gives you HEART DISEASE! Like what we have been repeating over and over again in this website.

And worse, sugar has been proven to cause massive dopamine release, thus making you addicted to it even more. Talk about double whammy!

Soda is also very ACIDIC which makes it very harmful. I will tell you a brief story – there is a shop right across our house that sells ICE COLD soda; and in our vicinity it’s the only place where you can get one like that. The sodas they sell are literally lightly frozen like Slurpee and before I know it I have been drinking several bottles in a day.

After a few days I began feeling consisted pain in my gastric region. It was like someone is piercing a blade through my stomach. I thought that it could be alleviated by eating but it does little help. It isn’t hunger, but those acidic sodas definitely have done a number on my stomach.

Thankfully after a few days of abstaining from soda, the chronic pain has now gone away. So I have decided right now “NO PEPSI FOR ME!”

Yeah like this little kid below (courtesy of Worldsfittest, Thanks Ernie):

.no soda for me


However sodas are really great ONLY after INTENSE workouts and ONLY if your goal is MUSCLE GAIN. Since your body would quickly metabolize the sugar in its recuperative process since you have damaged your muscles from a high intensity training session. If your training doesn’t involve damaging your muscle fibers strategically in search of hypertrophy after wards by using external resistance and doing very demanding moves, then I see no need to drink extra bad sugar in form of HFCS (and yes it is a synthetic chemical) from soda. Post-workout eggs or protein shake should be good enough to cater to your aftershock needs in almost every case.

Besides that there is really no reason for a normal human being already consuming enough junk on a daily basis to further shorten his lifespan. But I will not go ahead and tell you that I am able to abstain forever from soda 100%.

From time to time (especially after workouts) it just feels great to indulge in some ice cold killers, but if I were you I would not make it into a habit. And if soda has turned into a habit for you, don’t worry; just replace it with an equally refreshing beverage, like for instance Iced coffee, Iced tea (brewed then Iced) ,Milo, Milk shakes, or Protein Shakes like the kid above. Eat your eggs, people!


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