Same Equipment Supersets for Biceps and Triceps – A Killer and Convenient Arm Workout in Less Than 30 Minutes

So how cool is that – today you will be playing with your pythons; it’s arms day baby! And like always we have another very effective but convenient regimen that will have you finishing your arms day in time for dinner!

So the plan is to use supersets. You will basically superset your bicep lifts with triceps lifts but using the same equipment. This will ensure that you will not worry about having to get in line for the next superset equipment – which will surely defeat the purpose of the superset. This will also make your workout a lot shorter.

Besides convenience and the fact that you will be able to attend to more of your “personal” life outside the gym since your will be in and out of the gym in 30 minutes or so – this will also make your workout more challenging to your cardiovascular system and you will burn more – good for the girls out there who want to burn those calories and love handles.

This method will also get you into a more anabolic state much faster since you will be spending less time doing unnecessary and redundant stuff and getting in and out o the gym quick will also allow you to take your post-workout meals much sooner thus will lead to MORE progress.

Here’s a sample regimen:

Dumbbell Bicep curls superset with Lying Dumbbell triceps press – Do 3 sets of 10. Do the curls while sitting on or standing in front of a flat bench. After you’re done with curls immediately lie down and do the dumbbell version of close grip bench press. And when I say dumbbell version of close-grip bench press; I mean your elbows must be consistently close to your body all throughout the move and NOT flared outwards. You can definitely do a drop set on the third and final set for both the curl and the press since this will be your main move for both biceps and triceps and it will be perfect since you will be using dumbbells.


Spider Curls Superset with Incline bench Skull Crushers – Do 3 sets of 8-12. Set up an EZ bar with a weight that you can comfortably do for 10 reps for both the Spider curls and skull crushers. You will be doing the spider curls on the incline bench where you will do the skull crushers. It is also perfect to do incline dumbbell curls instead of spider curls; you can definitely do that as an alternate move for this one on the next arms day.

Standing cable bicep curls superset with overhead cable triceps extensions – Do 3 sets of 10-15 rep using deliberately slow rhythm for both the positive and the negative part of each move and do squeeze at top for at least 3 seconds every rep. Pretty much self explanatory; use the same weight for the curls and then turn about face and pull the handles overhead while bending over a little to execute the triceps extensions. Use the lower pulley for both curl and extenssions.

Here’s how a spider curl is done, you can also do it in an incline bench but you need to take extra effort not to move your elbows always pointing them downwards:

larry scott with spider curls


So there you have it – another convenient killer workout and if you do it right it certainly ain’t EASY! Eat your eggs, people!

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