How to Use Steroids Safely for Bodybuilding

How to use steroids safely

Steroids help improve performance, endurance, and muscle mass. Besides, they decrease recovery time between your workouts. For these reasons, steroid use is common among bodybuilders and athletes. A study shows a high prevalence of steroids and other drugs among bodybuilding athletes.

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Steroids are a synthetic form of testosterone; a primary male hormone. Testosterone hormone is crucial for encouraging and maintaining muscle growth and helps develop secondary male sex traits like facial hair and deep voice. Therefore, steroids work by mimicking the actions of testosterone or produce excess testosterone through interfering with your normal hormone regulation system.

How to use steroids safely
For many years, bodybuilders have been using steroids. There are various steroids, including Testosterone Enanthate 250, which help bodybuilders achieve muscular growth through their muscle-building capabilities. As well, they increase endurance and an instant increase in power. A study shows that the main reasons why bodybuilders use anabolic steroids are to increase muscle mass, muscle strength, body weight, and endurance. Another study also shows that the use of ASS increases muscle strength.

How to take steroids

There are different forms of taking anabolic steroids. You can take them by injection, orally, or eternally as gels or creams.

You can take steroids through distinct patterns such as:

⦁ Pyramiding – it is a pattern where you increase the dose gradually until a peak, then decrease the amount.

⦁ Stacking – it is where users combine distinct types of steroids. It can also be a case where you incorporate some supplements to maximize the efficacy of steroids.

⦁ Cycling – the pattern requires you to take steroids in cycles “on period” of 6-12 weeks followed by four weeks or several months off.

How to use steroids safely for bodaybuilding

There is no doubt that steroids are effective in bodybuilding. According to quora, the only way that you can use steroids is to ensure proper preparations. The starting point is obtaining the best possible protection and products during and after using steroids.
It is prudent for you to buy high-quality products instead of cheap, low-quality products that affect your health negatively. Also, do not disregard the use of the products for your recovery.

Steroids use is safe only if you “use” them as opposed to abusing them. Remember the following while using steroids:

⦁ Your minimum age is more than twenty-five years.
⦁ Have at least five to six years of experience in the gym.
⦁ Choose the correct compound, such as Testosterone Enanthate.

The following are other strategies that help you use steroids safely:

⦁ Take proper PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy) after your steroid cycle
Whereas giving your body time to recover is an excellent idea, the two-week break might not be sufficient since your body doesn’t heal that quickly. Yes, not everybody heals fast.

Therefore, to make sure that your body recovers quickly, consider going for PCT. It is just like you are cycling, although it includes some medication that you must take to help accelerate the healing pace.

⦁ Stacking

Combining steroids help you maximize results. Together, they will help build anticipated muscles, increase energy and strength. Also, stacking testosterone enables you to avoid the adverse effects that result from the depletion of natural resources.

⦁ Eat well

You must not rely on steroids and exercise alone to augment your muscle mass. A healthy balanced diet is also essential to supply all the nutrients that your body requires to grow muscles. Make sure that proteins and carbs are part of your diet. Also, include vegetables and fruits.

⦁ Drink lots of water

Typically, water helps in digestion. As well, it is what your body needs to operate efficiently. It means that your body can flush out any toxins. Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day throughout your bodybuilding period helps you achieve results.

⦁ Avoid exceeding the recommended dose

Some people think that doubling up your dosage help you gain more strength and size. Besides, they believe that they will see better results. It is a dangerous step, and actually, it is fatal.

Steroids have recommended doses for a reason. The professionals, who prescribe doses, consider effectiveness and safety. Therefore, excess steroids will not get you stronger or bigger fast but will ruin you.

⦁ At all times buy from trustworthy sources

Make sure that the steroid products you buy are from a reliable and trusted source. Also, you can ensure safety by testing and checking out that you are using the correct steroid even if you buy it from a reliable source. It is at all times to be safe than being sorry.


Steroids help you achieve your bodybuilding goals. However, it is vital to ensure that you use them correctly and choose the right steroid for this goal. It enables you to stay healthy while succeeding in your career.

Besides, ensure to be discipline in steroids use and your exercise. You can buy steroids in Canada online; you’ll get the various steroids for different goals like fat burning, post-cure therapy, or mass-gaining steroids.

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