About Lifting Using The Rest Pause Method

About the Rest Pause method: yes this is a very effective method to get the most out of every set. There is even a training program known as the Dog Crapp method that utilizes rest pause technique in almost all its exercises and we know why: It allows you to get the benefit of 2 to 3 sets in just one.

With the rest pause method you take advantage of the ATP recovery of the large, fast-twitch muscle fibers to do more reps after initial failure; therefore reaching more than one muscle failure in one set, until the muscle is truly exhausted and all that is left is a super-pumped muscle- now that is one sick way to build muscle!

As you well know rest pause is one of the HIT moves you can just add into your regimen for the day. You do this with the first exercise for your body part of the day- do this with compound moves like bench press.

You can decide to do just one set (with rest pause) or 3 sets with the final set doing rest pause for that “sayonara” effect. Just load up the weight then proceed as you normally do, then upon muscle failure, just stop at the lockout position for some 10 seconds then do some 2 or 3 more reps until you can do nothing no more. It’s best to have a spotter with you of course. With a spotter, not only can you do the rest pause safely but you can actually sneak in some mean forced repetitions and push your muscles even harder.


dave drapper doing shoulder press

shoulder press by Dave drapper with a spotter (Arnold)

Here’s a list of the major body parts and which moves are most compatible with Rest Pause:

Back: Lat pulldown

Chest: Bench Press (flat, incline, and decline)

Legs: Squats, Leg Press, Calf raises

Arms: Shoulder press, Standing bicep curl, Close-grip bench press

It’s difficult to do this with isolation movements such as flyes and hamstring curls because the muscles will be in a constant state of tension all throughout the movement but nonetheless; it’s doable but what I do is this: I only do this on the compound moves then do regular sets with the isolation exercise afterwards.

Please take note that this move is just one of the many tools you can use to increase the intensity of your training. Don’t end up overusing this move keep things changing and keep the muscles guessing just as usual.

Till next time, people don’t forget your eggs, yes both the food and the gonads!


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