Real-American Testosterone Link Fest Independence Day Special

Oh dear testosterone Gods, would there be another better moment to succumb under your manly influence than this start of this long weekend when we celebrate our day of independence?

Like Christmas, let us start this whole weekend right drowning in testosterone! Yeah! As if there’s another way to start a weekend?! I simply can’t imagine!

WARNING : we are about to inject some Star-Spangled STEROIDS into your bloodstream!!

So here we will offer you some of the best testosterone-inspired articles for your savoury tastes with no other goal in mind but get you pumped with the male-aura this weekend, yeah like big old Hulk Hogan here:

Hulk Hogan American Independence day


So without further ado let us introduce the articles for today, handpicked fresh from the man-o’-farm. Enjoy!
Keoni on – On Towards Helter Skelter

It has never been more transparently obvious than now, that our corporate mass media cartel is the propaganda arm for the owners of society, and THEY are doing their best to get we the sheeple inflamed and enraged, so as to commence Helter Skelter. Make no mistake, the Manson family vision of racial Ragnarok in America Inc., is exactly the end game desired here. Once it finally comes to it, and the blacks, whites, browns, reds, and yellows are all fighting in the streets, a new season will commence…camping season! . . ….

On with Our favourite Iron-Jedi, SLOAN!! Full Body Training: Exhaustion or Exhilaration?

When training with full-body workouts, a couple of options are best when designing your workout program. First, you can use a “heavy-light-medium” system of training—a lot of the full-body workouts here at Integral Strength reflect this option. Or, second, you can use a system of training where none of the workouts are “all-out”—rather, each workout is more of a “practice session” for the various exercises. In this second option, the workout sessions aren’t necessarily not hard, but they are not “intense” either. You stop each set a couple reps shy of failure, and you never do so much work that you can’t train the muscle group—or the lift—48 hours later…..

Now with Victor Pride tells us how to embrace the Gorilla Mindset

If you want a good physique, if you want money, if you want fame, if you want peace, if you want anything…..

You work for it.

Even if you were born with shit. Even if you were born in hell. Even if you thought it wasn’t possible.

The Matt Forney Show, Episode 91: Enter the Inferno

the philosophy of Men Going Their Own Way, the cult of Barbarossa (aka Cockaroacha), the psychology and ignorance of the Millennial generation, the impotence of A Voice for Manginas and most men’s rights’ activists, and a whole lot more.

Powerlifting to win – Simply The Best: Tuchscherer’s Reactive Training Systems

Generally speaking, traditional powerlifting programs call for prescribed sets, reps, and weights. Often times, several months’ worth of training is written in advance. Assuming the conditions are the same as when the program was written, and the lifter progresses at a predictable rate, this actually doesn’t present a problem at all.

Elliot Hulse – The 2015 Version Of You (pt. 2)

If you’re reading this blog post it’s very likely that you’ve found my YouTube videos while searching the internet for information about strength training, fitness, health or inspiration.

Today, anyone with a desire to learn may very well attain a level of mastery through the discipline of self-study using the Internet.

Carnivore – George soros and Germa birth rates
Consider the standard James Bond plot. Super-wealthy villain builds a secret lair and employs a private army along with a cadre of scientists and technicians,…..

Society of Amateur Gentlemen – Honore de Balzac: Ferragus

One Monsieur de Maulincour has happened to see Madame Desmarets, a woman he suffers unrequited oneitis for, entering a house of ill repute on a street of ill repute. After confronting her a fete he takes up spying on the woman to discover her secret. A series of assassination attempts leave Maulincour in a state of racked nerves–not unlike Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment–when after believing the police have disposed of the woman’s accomplice approaches the Madame at yet another Parisian bal…..

Danger and Play – How to Age Well Into Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and Beyond

perform preventive maintenance and you will thwart age-related disease. Start early. Even in your 20’s.

1. Strength training, in particular rigorous strength training is critical. Amass as much muscle as possible while the hormonal milieu is favorable. Also, strength training unto itself maintains one’s hormonal profile in a youthful state. The best natural way to boost your testosterone and growth hormone levels is to lift weights………

Sovereignman – The American Dream is still alive… for waiters and bartenders

When did a recession become the worst possible thing in the world? When did a down market or slow growth become some catastrophic emergency?

All of these things are natural parts of the cycle.

When kids do something stupid, they’re supposed to fall down and scrape a knee. The pain teaches them to not be so careless.

And preventing that from happening only reinforces bad behavior.

Roissy – How To Blow Past Girls Dropping The “Creep” Bomb

GIRL: “Ew, you’re being soooo creepy/such a creep!”



“Please, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait’ll I put on my clown make-up.”

Preemptive DQ

Basically, light-heartedly call the girl out as a creep before she gets a chance to do it to you. It’s a great preemptive reframe of a courtship that constantly forces the girl back on her heels, in the defensive crouch (where tingles are born!)

Ambiguous Accusation

“Oh, you’re one of *those* girls.”

Amused Dismissal

“Do you eat with that mouth?”

Reverse Shit Test


Straight-up DQ


Assume The Sale

“Look, this is my final offer. After this, I have to cut you loose.”


This might be the best option for newbies. Just change the topic and “reset” the convo as if she hadn’t said anything of note.

Playground Challenge

“It takes one to know one.”


“You got something caught in your teeth.”

Dramatic Flair

“I bet you say that to all the boys.”

Jerkboy Charisma

“There’s no accounting for taste.”

Style’s Attraction Amplifier

“I’m taken.”

Bring Da Movies Game


Social Kenny – (Sexual) Chemistry vs Looks – Which Is More Important

Since I’ve been in this peculiar situation many times, and mishandled it countless times, I can realistically say that it will almost always be the wiser decision to choose to pursue the girl in whom you share (sexual) chemistry with, even though she’s not the hotter one……

Free the ANIMAL!! –Please Debunk “The Iron Food Enrichment Hypothesis” of Obesity and Disease

I think we’re back to square one: Eat Real Food and that may even include various grains…though primarily in a fresh, whole-grain way, so as to derive important nutrients from the bran and germ (e.g., manganese and copper, both critical in the regulation of iron absorption and storage regulation)…….

Please check out the rest of our Testosterone linkfest entries here.

And happy independence day! And as always – EAT YOUR EGGS,PEOPLE!!

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