Neural/Power Training and “Pump” Training in One Day, A Very Convenient Semi-Whole Body Split – Great for Those With Busy Schedules

Right now I can only go to the gym for a maximum of 3 days in a week. The result is that I have to make the most out of every session. Thus I found a way to do both heavy and pump training all in one day and am able to train all of the bodyparts in a two day split.

Note: You will see that this has some slight resemblance to the Heavy-Light Workout program that I wrote earlier. That is because I used the same principles with this one.

This program is basically a semi-whole body training split. Perhaps you know that the old-school lifters used to be big on whole body programs. This program is where the old-school whole body scheme and the new-age one body part per day meet in between.

Them old-schoolers like Ortiz and Scott below loved whole body splits:

larry scott and freedy ortiz bicep showdown


Needless to say that this regimen will allow you to reap the benefits of the “Old-School” type of training and of the New-Age system as well. We will be hitting two birds in one barbell!


However personally I would prefer to do a 5 day a week program targeting as few as 1 or 2 muscle groups per day since my biggest goal is sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. But I found out that semi-whole body training isn’t bad after all. And I would be honest that this type of training has given me more power gains than the regular bodybuilding one muscle group per day split. Also this program would be very helpful for the ones who also seek athletic performance because we would be more focused on the basic compound moves executing them in a power-lifter-esque manner.

Cons: Off course every program has their own weaknesses. This split should have had even more since I only created this out limiting circumstances.

The weakness of this program is that I haven’t allowed a day dedicated only to LEGS. However you would notice that both days would require you to do squats. We have certainly left out doing leg-isolations but in my opinion it’s not that much of a limit; squats is the king of lower-body training and deadlifts would train your hamstrings BIG TIME. Thus I guess one cannot say that leg stimulation would be absent on this split, but in case you can also add another day dedicated on leg-isolations. But the downside to doing that is that you might over-exhaust your legs that on the following week you would not be able to squat or deadlift to your full potential. And it’s very important that you go all out on those lifts since they produce the most growth and strength gains.

Note: You can also include calf raises in any day you want on this split if you still have some energy left in the tank. But I recommend that you do them with high and slow reps.

Now let’s proceed.

COM: On this split, you would be doing neural training on the major compound lifts for that day. You can also use Sloan’s method wherein he would take a weight that he can do for 6-8 reps and do them for 3 reps for ten sets. But personally I take a weight I can do for 6-10 reps and do them for 5 reps doing 6 sets. You can do any of the two with the major compounds but you must take note that you will NEVER take these to failure in this program. You will need to leave something in the tank. If you are a beginner you should take a weight that is closer to the 10 rep range instead of the ones in the 6 rep range. This part of the regimen will cause great strength gains and will also stimulate bad-ass mass testosterone production.

In this regimen we mark those lifts with “COM” which would be the first part of every workout. “COM” lifts will not be taken to failure and will NOT be done in a negative-accentuated way (where you will take 3-5 seconds to bring the weight down and lower the weight very slowly) like how we always do our reps – I admit that that has required a great deal of adjustment for me.

BB: The second part of the workouts would comprise of mostly single jointed moves which you do to failure in a more bodybuilder-esque manner. These lifts will be done in the old school 8-12 reps 3 sets and here we also apply the ULTRA SLOW reps, 3-4 seconds lowering the weight. This is for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Note: these will make you very sore!

The lifts wherein you do the bodybuilder scheme will be marked with “BB” in this program.

DAY 1:

Squats (COM)

Flat Bench Press (COM)

Incline Bench Press (or) Decline Bench Press (COM)

T-Bar Rows (or) Bent-over Rows (COM)

Dumbbell Flyes (or) Pec Dec Flyes (BB)

Cable pullovers (or) Lat Pull downs (BB)

Finish off with Chest Dips (BB)

DAY 2:

Squats (or) Wide Stance Squat (COM)

Deadlifts (or) Sumo Deadlifts (COM)

Behind the back or Front shrugs (COM) – you can use the same bar that you used with the deadlifts

Barbell Shoulder Press (BB) – you can do either seated or standing (I prefer seated) and don’t forget the proper angulation of your arms so that your shoulder joints wont pop

Lateral Raises (BB) or Incline Bench side laterals: Like shown below – this one is my favorite because of its great “stretch effect” note: if you do incline side laterals the rep and sets are counted PER ARM.

one arm side lateral raise on incline bench arnold


Barbell Bicep Curls (BB)

Spider Curls – Barbell or Dumbbell will do (BB)

Tricep or Bench Dips (or) Close Grip Bench Press (BB)

Cable Kickbacks (or) Cable Press-downs (BB) – note: If you do kickbacks, the count of the reps and sets would be PER ARM



I cannot stress enough the importance of doing ultra-SLOW reps with the lifts marked with “BB”! You might also have noticed that I did not even bother turning arm lifts into COM lifts. That is to be honest I couldn’t find any sense in going heavy with small muscle-groups. Anyways you would have had targeted these small muscle groups as well when you did heavy COMs so doing another heavy lift for them later would a redundant stimulus. With BB lifts I wouldn’t care if you are lifting a pair of 10 pound dumbbells as long as you will REACH FAILURE and remember that the goal of the BB part is Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy and not MAXING out.

Now consider those as the TWO most important days of your week. If you are a busy person you should at least be able to allot even two days in your busy week to lift (for your own good).

You can lift more than TWO days:

The great thing about this split is that you can use it to train 3 or 4 (or more) days in a week for example:

Mon: Day 1

Tue: Rest

Wed: Day 2

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Day 1

Saturday: Day 2

Sunday: Rest

With that you can do alternate lifts that have the same effect as the original one (like the ones with an (or) in them).

With that you can even do 2 days day 1 and day 2 then rest for two or three days then do day 1 and day 2 again; any way that would be convenient for you. In fact “convenience” is the reason why I came up with this experimental regimen. That way you will still be able to hit all your muscle groups twice in a training week.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you have some SQUATS to do? Eat your eggs people

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