Muscle-Heads Live Longer

Heads up you ironheads! The God of science smiles upon us as science has just proven that muscle mass leads to longer life.

In this article you will know why Methuselah lived the longest CLUE: look how muscular he was below!


We know that lifting weights can bring us several benefits. We already discussed that resistance training makes your bones stronger. We know that weight training can also actually make you smarter. One of our famous articles also speaks of how lifting weights can help people with scoliosis. It is also worth motioning that resistance training is the most effective way of losing unwanted fats. It is also no secret that lifting weights positively affects one’s hormone levels especially your testosterone levels.

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All in all resistance training offers a plethora of health benefits but despite that off course we always get the impression from “civilians” and from the whole population in general that muscle-bound weight lifters are actually not healthy “on the inside” .

Now I don’t know when this fad started but it is obviously a new one since at times of Arnold and Zane, bodybuilders were highly looked upon as figures of health and longevity.

big bad lifters

good old days!

Recently people suddenly got the idea that bodybuilders and muscular men who lift weights seriously as some kind of low-lives and “air-heads” who would die prematurely of steroid overdose. And worse some kids these days actually think that lifting is not healthy and can cause tuberculosis in the long run – yeah I always get this from morons and apparently there have been more of them nowadays.

You won’t even know where they are getting these “facts”. I don’t even know if these are just a result of jealousy

you know like “penis-envy” you also have “muscle-envy”.

Or is it just a result of society wanting to feminize all men and turn males into asexual, feminine herbs – YUCK!!

The saddest part of the story is that even lifters themselves tend to believe this crap. I guess it has already been accepted as “common knowledge” that people won’t question it anymore even if it’s obviously BULL sh¡t!

But thankfully a few reasonable, rational men actually preferred to think outside of the herd and decided to do a study which proved that more muscle mass result in less mortality rate. Basically more muscle means longer life! This study was published in the American Journal of Medicine.


Obesity (as defined by body mass index) hasn’t been consistently associated with higher mortality in older adults. However, total body mass includes fat and muscle which have different metabolic effects. This study was designed to test the hypothesis that greater muscle mass in older adults will be associated with lower all-cause mortality.


All-cause mortality was analyzed by the year 2004 in 3,659 participants from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III, who were 55 years (65 years if women) or older at the time of the survey (1988-94).I ndividuals who were underweight or died in the first 2 years of follow-up, were excluded so as to remove frail elders from the sample. Skeletal muscle mass was measured using bioelectrical impedance and muscle mass index was defined as muscle mass divided by height squared.Modified Poisson regression and proportional hazards regression were used to examine the relationship of muscle mass index with all-cause mortality risk and rate respectively, adjusted for central obesity (waist hip ratio)and other significant covariates.


In adjusted analyses, total mortality was significantly lower in the fourth quartile of muscle mass index compared to the first: adjusted risk ratio 0.81 (95% confidence interval 0.71 – 0.91) and adjusted hazard ratio 0.80 (95% confidence interval 0.66 – 0.97).


This study demonstrates the survival predication ability of relative muscle mass and highlights the need to look beyond total body mass in assessing the health of older adults

Thus people of the holy iron, be free to get as jacked as you can for at the end of the day, we will outlive our sedentary counterparts, the men who have drank into the kool aid that being muscular is BAD, people who will not live long enough to probably see their own grand children, or have children at all (low sperm and testosterone count) at your eggs, people!

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