Lifting Weights is Meditation and Inner Peace

For me lifting weights is a form of meditation; a time when you can be alone with yourself and the weights; a time for inner peace. No doubt that I have always trained alone, rarely do I go to the gym with a training partner.

You see to be able to harvest the most gains that you can get from bodybuilding or weight lifting (more so for powerlifting) – you must treat each and every rep as if you are in a meditative trance and with full concentration.


When I say concentration in lifting, that definition is not the western concentration wherein you have to “think hard”, no sir; that is not what I meant. What you need to do when I say concentrate when lifting weights is not to think hard but to “empty your mind”. That is one of the things I learned at a young age from “Hwarang do” an ancient Korean martial lifestyle that bred great warriors of the Silla army.

My uncle practiced this martial art and gave me the main textbook which contained many techniques and wisdom of the “Hwa rang” – Flowering men by Joe bang lee.

What you need to do when I say concentrate when lifting weights is not to think hard but to “empty your mind”.

Yes empty your mind; nothing but you and the weights.

Empty your mind like Clear River water; imagine a tranquil river wherein only the leaves cause motion to the water. Imagine the clear water, imagine the PEACEFUL river:

peaceful mind peaceful river

Achieve peace and clarity wth every rep – imagine the river; the peaceful river whose water is only set into motion by the falling leaves

Abandon anything

Abandon your problems, anything besides you and the weight

Abandon everything that is the past and any worries about the future; concentrate on the NOW

Concentrate in the NOW

Concentrate; imagine that the gym is empty. You are the only one in the gym. Don’t mind all the other people as you go into your sets. Clear everything and treat this session as not just a “lifting” session but as a meditation and a route to tranquility.

Only be aware of the NOW; you and the weight and only the weight. Breathe with each and every rep and be conscious of your breathing, be conscious of the cadence and the beauty of the simple movements of lifting and lowering the weights. Turn every rep into enlightenment; turn every rep into an “art”.

Turning every lifting session into a meditation will not only increase your productivity (since no time is wasted) but will help you manage stress – reducing stress hormones and release mental and spiritual tension. Your session will become “relaxing” and more rewarding. Doing so will also increase your immunity as meditation does leading to a more fulfilling workout.

Practicing meditation during training will also teach and train you to maintain mental and spiritual stability or maintain “inner peace” during stressful and challenging events in your life where most people tend to lose themselves and their sanity. Therefore apply what you have learned (or have been reminded of) today; meditate – grow stronger. Do this whenever you work out “empty your mind” and whenever you feel stressed “empty your mind” and imagine the peaceful river.

 Do this whenever you work out “empty your mind” and whenever you feel stressed “empty your mind” and imagine the peaceful river

Share your thoughts: What are your thoughts on meditation? How do you incorporate inner peace during exercise and in life in general? Eat your eggs, people!

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