Lifting Principles – Your Body Will Always Want to Reach The Minimal Energy State

Your body will always find a way to “adapt” and use the minimal energy expenditure possible. This is called “The Minimal Energy State”. This is not a new breakthrough – this principle has been known to physiologists and scientists for a long time but is often neglected by most lifters.

If you take a closer look at the “Grand daddy” principles of conditioning; you would notice that this is the main point of the GAS principle – the General Adaptation Syndrome.

The body will adapt and your body is a very economic and thrifty son of a b¡tch. That is the reason why your body won’t let you build muscle that easy: that job is what you Myostatins do best – limit muscle growth. The body would always want to keep energy expenditure to a minimum and we all know that muscles are very expensive when it comes to energy maintenance.

The implication of this principle to you a bodybuilder or a strength athlete is that you cannot do the same thing over and over again. You must make it a point to utilize periodization onto your training.

bulgarian periodization botev

(Bulgarians really know how to use periodization)

No we don’t just mean simply changing up your workouts and exercises. Every week you must do different rep schemes and even rest periods. For example this week you rested 1 minute between sets, next week you do 2 minutes. You can even change up the tempo for example this week you lower the weight 4 seconds, next week you just do it for 2 or 1 seconds (always be in control of the weight no matter what tempo ok?). You can even change the way you apply your “intensity tools”. You can use them for some time and then this week you just focus on straight sets. You can even change up from heavy to light weights.

For best results use a periodization scheme where you really annihilate on one week then take it easy on the next.

You must utilize these changes and frequent variations to tax your body in different ways every time. Since doing the same thing over and over again will only let your body adapt to a point where it uses the least energy and you will go nowhere fast. Anyways using high intensity every time is also going to be detrimental to results and will manifest in form of illnesses as you CNS will be taxed too much and your brain will literally hinder progress.

Keep this principle in mind and you will always be able to lift with results within you reach.
Question: How do you change up your training regimen from time to time? Tell us about it in the comments section. Thanks! Eat your Eggs, people!

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