Lifting, Dedication, and Motivation

Before anything else and before you proceed to any undertaking or plan your next workout; let us reflect upon just how motivated you are and up to what extent you can put your heart onto it? Just how important are these questions anyway? The answer: More important than you’ll ever know.

I have a very important question for all of you: Are you happy with what you are doing? What is the motivation for what you do? Is it social pressure? Parental advice? Family needs? Or are you just too lazy to find a way to do what you like yet at the same time fulfill your needs. The reason I ask this is because of passion. Yes, passion, the burning desire to do something for the sake of doing it and while your at it you don’t feel your problems at all and you feel that you are only living in the “NOW”. No future worries and past regrets or whatever. Now the second question is: Do you feel like that in the thing you are doing? Not necessarily your job lets let that slip for this moment. For now lets talk in general terms, so that you can apply this wisdom in whatever you wish to analyze.

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Lets use your pastime as your example, basketball or whatever; because these things you are supposed to do because you like to. You are supposed to experience a moment of freedom in these kinds of activities now to make us closer to the point let us use “lfiting” or going to the gym as an example, as that activity is mostly externally motivated. Now for whatever reason you wish to do this activity you are reaping the benefits anyhow because you are giving your body what it needs. But the main issue here is actually your enjoyment. Do you feel enjoyment or are you bored to death but still putting up because of the potential benefits (this applies to everything, ok?)?

When I go to the gym I usually see guys who will cancel a workday just because their partner isn’t going to come, now I’m not saying that having a training partner is not advisable on the contrary: a training partner may help you achieve results faster but a training partner is also supposed to help you stick with your program not the other way around. If you are like that or if you ever cancel your hobby like that (except maybe for financial reasons), you should consider pursuing another hobby, because most likely you don’t enjoy what you are doing anyway.

Just years ago when I witnessed this I get bewildered because I don’t know this principle yet; this is when a group my college buddies would plan ahead with their clique that they are going to workout at a certain date only to cancel it just because one person isn’t going to come. I though to myself: How could they do that? They love that thing (because they did it at times anyway) but they canceled it? Now the truth of course is that they don’t really like it. It is just a means of their bonding (which is part of the reason I don’t work out with them) and for god sakes they even seek advice from me which made me believe that they have passion which is false. I’m not saying that what they do for hanging out is wrong in fact working out together is a great way to bond instead of going to the bar. It maybe one way of getting people who are not naturals to get in shape but the point of this topic is one’s passion and enjoyment over an activity.

Reflect on this: If you like a sport, you may (more often than not) find yourself performing well in it, like you are born to excel in it, like you can do it and win, born to do it like Sugar Ray Leonard or Pacquiao or Ussiah Bolt. Do you think that these people would cancel a training just because a partner couldn’t come or the coach is not present and I am not asking you to force this dedication, the dedication must come naturally, it must come without you noticing it like its dedication.

You just do it because you love it: Find the activity in which you are going to feel this way. Reflect upon your childhood memories: high school, grade school, college, or as a teenager, did you feel like this towards a sport or an undertaking? Why don’t you try to do it now? If you feel that familiar feeling your on the right track. I’m not typing this article right now and forcing a feeling of dedication. I don’t even like typing, but I just thought of something and I just want to blog it, why? Who cares? Is there supposed to be a reason to enjoy something so other people would accept you? You love it do it, life is too short to let other people decide what you are going to do with it. I guess this maybe the core of this article, doing it just for yourself.

Now what’s the easiest way to determine if you really like what you are doing? Does that sound stupid? Actually no because the human psyche is really full or self deceit so you have to discover ways to bypass them, doing this is like having an antivirus installed in your brain: you clean up all the erroneous files. This is one of those “anti-mind-virus” methods, always visualize if you can do something or train alone for several months without giving a damn? Do it then, if it feels good then your doing the right thing.

In my college days I went to the gym always by myself, maybe I cant find anyone else who can do it the way I do it, or maybe because I just love it and sure thing results were fast for me, maybe I love it because I’m genetic but who cares? I love it.  Maybe that is why I wasn’t able to train with my college buddies, aside from training at a different place from them, (our place was west of the university, and theirs was east of it) it may be because we have different motivations. One of those buddies continued to train anyway his name is Stephen, and among all of them he was the only one who actually saw some results, and I can tell that he had the same motivation as I do.

Yes, it feels good to get looked up upon by other people and even effortlessly impose physically, to be called nicknames like “Batista” or even “Popeye”,  but even without those, just pumping iron and sculpting my body like Michelangelo in David is yes, painful, but satisfying at the same time.

That is passion. I guess my college buddies should still do what they are doing even if their motivation is not passion, its still healthy, but, if you are like them forget about RESULTS, you AINT gonna have them. Now if you are reading this, and you just realized that your stuck into doing something for false reasons: for social validation, and reasons lacking PASSION, stop at once. Think and find the thing you are passionate about; who knows, you could have enough skills to become a successful UFC icon, chess champion, or even the next Mr.Olympia and you are wasting all your time doing your “forced” activity instead of doing what you like and possibly succeed (and even if you never become famous who cares?) and then regret that your youth has been swept away already.

Even if what you are doing is for having a healthy lifestyle there are still so many activities that you might enjoy that are physically challenging and will lead to health and athletic improvement like for example: some bodybuilders don’t do cardio because it bores them to death, but they need it right? Or else they will not burn those fats and show definition instead they do alternatives like biking or hill sprinting. Another good example is Wladimir a heavy weight boxing champion he doesn’t do any running because he don’t want to and he says its taxing to his joint because of his height: Therefore he swims instead: same cardiovascular benefits plus he loves it.

To conclude this, I suggest you do the same and find the undertaking you can put your heart into withou any reservations, because that is the only way you can succeed in anything at all.

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