Levitra Vardenafil: What Are Effective Ways of Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a medical disorder that makes men unable to have an erection during a sexual intercourse. It is not out of hand to experience erectile failure or one that doesn’t last for long. But when it becomes too frequent for comfort, then you might need to consult a physician.

Scientific findings have proved that over 52 percent of adult male 40-45 years of age usually have erectile dysfunction (ED), but they rarely discuss it outside due to shame. However, it would seem that in recent times, women are more concerned about it and are helping their spouses find solutions to it.

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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction majorly arises from a mix of nerve action and blood flow. Nerves may not give the required nitric oxide, which widens the blood vessels and causes them to admit blood to the corpus in the penis. It could also be as a result of disorders such as the occlusion of the arteries or insufficient relaxation to allow blood flow smoothly. Indeed, erectile dysfunction can signal cardiac disorder.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Effectively

There are quite some ways in which we can treat erectile dysfunction and of course, effectively. We will be looking at some of them here.

 Regular Teeth Brushing and Periodic Flossing

Maintaining your teeth keeps out infections of the gum that can spur inflammation, which will dampen the pressure of the penis rather than maintaining it upright. Most men with erectile dysfunction suffer from severe gum infections, and when such periodontitis is treated early enough, ED is cured after a while.

 Mind Your Medications for High Blood Pressure

Antidiabetic drugs and alpha blockers recommended to cure elevated blood pressure can trigger erectile dysfunction. However, angiotensin receptor inhibitors can cure high blood pressure and without causing ED.

 Regular Exercises

Plus-sized men who have been abstemious and stayed away from sex for a long time can entirely cure their erectile dysfunction by taking to healthy living and reducing weight. Flab triggers inflammation and changes testosterone to estrogen, which can cause erectile dysfunction. Findings proved that men that took exercising seriously earlier in midlife had lesser chances of having dysfunction than those who don’t exercise at all. The decision to buy Generic Levitra online is cruicial and always be taken seriously.

 Vitamins Can Make Wonders

Fruit that is good for the heart is equally okay for the penis. Eating lots of fruits, cereals, vegetables, fish, fair quantities of nutritious fats, and wine is good for the heart arteries and veins. Men who take a Mediterranean-style of eating have very low instances of erectile dysfunction.

 Red Korean Ginseng Helps

The red Korean ginseng is an Asian concoction that can improve blood flow to the penis. It corrects erectile dysfunction more than simple placebos. It is a practical Asian herb that can be used in moderate dosages daily to treat ED. Using a 600mg dose three times in a day can help in correcting this disease. But take note not to mix up the Asian and American ginseng.

 Taking Pelvic Floor Examination Regularly

Pelvic floor muscles are those that aid in containing urine. Exercising them regularly can correct erectile dysfunction in men suffering from it, findings have proved. Fortified pelvic-floor muscles offer an excellent base for an erect penis and stop blood from shunting an erection.

You can strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles by contracting them tightly; sustaining it for a few seconds without flexing the thigh muscles, abdomen or bottom; allowing it to relax for 10 seconds. Do this for three different instances while lying down, three times while sitting and another three times while on your feet. Do this for two times in a day.

 Check Your Level of Testosterone

Very low levels of testosterone have been linked to erectile dysfunction, so much that people with low libido have correlated positively with this disorder. Although, most cases of ED might be due to something else, should lack interest and dysfunctional penis cause you worry, it is most advisable to get tested. However, when doing this, it should be carried out in the morning as testosterone level drops in the late hours of the day. As a way of protecting yourself, ensure you don’t take testosterone-boosting drugs without your physician’s consent. Should your busy system perceives too much testosterone in the body, the testicles stop producing testosterone and sperm to balance the excess levels detected in the body.

 Consider an Implant Surgery

Perhaps you’ve been battling with erectile dysfunction for a long while, and all other efforts kept proving abortive, you might want to consider going for implants. Just a 90-minute intervention surgery can improve your sexual organs, although this is usually a thing of last resort. Elastic vessels inserted in the penis open up when minimum pressure from a minute salt pump set on the scrotum is applied. These apparatus are not visible, and you can use them at will.

 Using Drugs to Cure ED

There are drugs that can help you to correct erectile dysfunction. These medications can effectively treat the symptoms of ED and help you get and sustain a perfect erection without any issues. These drugs act by dilating the blood vessels in the penis to ensure higher blood flow to it and subsequently maintain an erection.

One of such drugs is Levitra Vardenafil. It is an erectile dysfunction drug brought to the market in the early 2000s, and as a substitute for the Sildenafil with a little longer active life.
Popularly referred to as Levitra Vardenafil, just like Viagra Sildenafil and Cialis Tadalafil, is a drug that requires the doctor’s prescription before use. It remains in the body for five to eight hours after use before it effects begins to reduce in the body as an erection-stimulating drug.

The recommended commencement dose for Vardenafil is 10mg, and it has tablets with 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg doses. The reactions and contraindications of Levitra Vardenafil are not very much different from those of other erectile dysfunction drugs. The popular ones known include a runny nose, headaches, facial flush, and heartburns.
Just like some other erectile dysfunction drugs, people with a history of heart diseases usually have more pronounced side effects when they use this medicine, and that is why it is essential to consult your physician before using Levitra Vardenafil or even any other ED medicines.

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