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Since 1984, LA Fitness has made its’ mission to focus on building a stronger community and strengthen the people who live in it by providing a fun and albeit challenging place to work out. Nothing quite says, “get in shape here,” by offering fabulous amenities and nearly an around the clock opportunity to motivate someone to their full potential. LA Fitness is more than a gym; it’s a place for anyone to come and have a whole new mindset on their outlook when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

If your aim is to get in the best shape for the rest of the summer, you should definitely consider an LA gym membership. This article will let you know why.


In addition to providing a fun, safe and clean facility, LA Fitness also houses classics such as treadmills, stair climbers, and cycling machines. Furthermore, nearly all LA Fitness gyms provide free-standing weights, targeted muscle equipment like lat machines, squat stands, and leg abduction machines just to name a few. This way, the guest can not only do more than cardio but focus on a core area if need be for weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Most LA Fitness gyms come equipped with a basketball court and even a racquetball court, depending on the facility; there are more options than running on a treadmill to get a work out in. Making exercise fun is the best way to get into shape and to stay in shape; some of the gyms offer leagues for the various sports, therefore, the community can be built with a focus on competition and health as a form of motivation.


LA Fitness can even propose a guest membership pass for a week to make sure that the guest is more than satisfied with the idea to join! You should also know that there are currently several LA Fitness deals that include an extra 20% off of the initiation fee for a new gym membership. There are different LA fitness deals and discounts so make sure you stay tuned to their news. You can either check their website from time to time or look for online websites that are strictly related to this kind of activity – providing news about the best (fitness) deals and discounts on the market.


If group motivation is more of a guests’ preference, look no further to the classes offered at LA Fitness. Pilates, belly dancing, kickboxing, ab workouts, spin classes and different boot camps are just a few that can be offered again, depending on the facility. There is something for everyone, no matter how in shape, age, and no matter the preferred exercise. There is even an aquatic option for groups.


The real question is, how much are of these great luxuries going to cost? It’s probably going to be quite pricey. In fact, at a low $99 initiation fee and either $24.99 per month for one club membership or $29.99 per month for multi gym membership, it’s quite reasonable! The classes take place at every location of the company. You can opt for different kind of classes, depending on the type of exercise you want to try or the group of muscles you feel like you need to work on.


Most, if not all LA Fitness gyms have an indoor lap pool, whirlpool spa, and sauna. A good workout deserves a great cool down and relaxation. After a hard work, there is nothing better than soaking and easing the body for a moment of pleasure. In addition to the aquatic areas, there are Kids Klubs offered for the busy parent who needs their child watched while they exert their own energy. It’s a convenient way for any parent to take advantage of just one of the amenities offered.

Personal Trainers

Even more so, LA Fitness has personal trainers for a small extra fee per month. This is perfect for the people who need an extra push or even a more personalized encouragement from someone who is trained in the knowledge of nutrition and is able to gear a more specified workout for that particular guest and be a great motivator.

This feature is perfect for those who need a few recipe ideas or reminders of how and what to eat to either lose weight, gain muscle mass or just eat a proper diet. The concept is to provide information and ask questions when people are unsure if they can trust where the info is coming from so they can make better and more informed decisions about their health. A personal trainer does not guarantee instant weight loss or muscle gain, but he/she will definitely recommend the best meal plans and will present you the best types of exercises, depending on the outcome you want to obtain.


Alongside all of the amenities that the various gyms include, there are over 675 gyms in the United States including parts of Canada. There can be no greater feeling than the ability to be able to part of something that can make someone a better person inside and out. With the devotion to people and to make them feel better in a positive light, LA Fitness is the gym for anyone who wants or even needs the motivation to devote exercise and healthy eating for themselves. If you feel like this is the gym for you, do not hesitate to join. Ask the right questions, do the right types of exercises and get the body you want.

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