Killer Bicep Workout in Less than 30 Minutes

If you ever wondered “why the hell aren’t my arms growing?” and you have been doing your bicep lifts using the correct form, you are training your legs and hitting your back regularly, basically you got pretty much everything covered. Perhaps the only thing that you need right now is to shock your arms (specifically your biceps brachii) with some killer biceps workout. On with the pain!

Bicep Inspirations, Larry Scott (left side) and Freddy Ortiz (look at Freddy’s Peak) Biceps Showdown:

larry scott and freedy ortiz bicep showdown

I know what your typical biceps day look like. You’d probably start with everyone’s favorite: 4 sets of Barbell bicep curls, then Preachers, Cable curls, then you top it off with one arm Concentration curls – worry not, we will not include those into our program today.

So how do we do the Killer Bicep training? Here we go:

-You kick it off doing some heavy standing alternating dumbbell curls (or hammer curls – whichever you feel like doing).  You do that for 2-3 sets and you will use a relatively heavy weight and use a little cheating motion on the way up (cheating curl motion) then lower the weight slowly for at least 3 seconds. You will feel that eccentric burn within a few reps. You will probably be able to do 6 to ten reps with this before you reach negative failure (which means you cannot even lower the weight slowly) if you can do more than ten then you must increase the poundage.

Notice that we only do 2-3 sets with this, but that is because you will be reaching for failure for both sets. You can also use the first two sets as warm up then just reach for failure by the third set.

-The second exercise would be Drop set Spider curls. What you need to do is to load up the straight barbell with 5 or 10 pound plates. Each side must have at least 5 plates. Have a spotter to assist you with some forced reps as well. You just do 1 set with this then upon failure you have your partner give you at least two forced reps then have him shed off a pair of plates. Repeat until you have nothing left on the bar.

-Your last exercise would be 3 sets of incline bench dumbbell curls. You can choose to do alternating or the version wherein you lift the two dumbbells together at the same time (which is my preferred version – it makes it feel like a barbell curl). You will do 3 sets of 10-12 but these are partial reps – but you only contract from the stretched out angle at the bottom to just below halfway the move.

The purpose of the “bottom position partial” is to emphasize the stretch since incline bench curl is a “Stretch position” move in positions of flexion. And as a bonus, this exercise will hit mostly the long head of your biceps which is the “peak” of your bis.

Pointers: For all these moves, make an effort not to move the elbows so that the biceps will do all the work. And with the incline bench curls, the more incline the bench; the more it will hit the long head. Thus, if you can adjust the incline bench to an angle wherein you are almost lying down, then by all means do so.

There you have it! Eat your eggs, people!

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