JUMP – Jump Squats for Bigger, Badder and Stronger Legs

jump squats badass

Today we are going to talk about jump squats.

As we all know, jump squats is one of the mainstay exercise for people who are training for athletic performance (i.e: Vertical jump training). Jump squats is an explosive move and is a favourite plyometric move for those who aspire better performance and better speed.

But what if it turns out that jump squats can also be utilized to increase your strength and help you pack on lean mass?

For that let us all look into the study done by Beaven, et al.

Acute salivary hormone responses to complex exercise bouts

The combination of resistance and plyometric training, or complex training, may yield greater functional gains than either method alone. As steroid hormones respond to exercise stimuli and modulate the functional outcomes, it is possible that complex training creates an enhanced anabolic physiological milieu for adaptation. We investigated acute responses of salivary testosterone and cortisol to complex exercise bouts. After a standardized warm-up, 16 semiprofessional rugby players performed 1 of 4 exercise bouts in a cross-over manner: power-power; power-strength; strength-power; or strength-strength. Each player completed each of the 4 bouts twice over a 4-week period in a balanced random order such that each player performed a total of 8 bouts. The power block consisted of 3 sets of 3 repetitions of jump squat exercise at 50% of 1-repetition maximum load. The strength block consisted of three sets of three repetitions of box squat exercise at a 3-repetition maximum load. There were 3-minute rest periods between sets and 4-minute rest periods between exercise blocks. Saliva was sampled before, during, and immediately after the exercise bout. The greatest overall hormonal responses were a small increase in testosterone (13%; 90% confidence limits ± 7%) and a trivial increase in cortisol (27%; ± 30%) after the strength-power bout. A clear difference was observed between the strength-power and the power-power bouts immediately after exercise for testosterone (10%; ± 8%) and cortisol (29%; ± 17%). The preceding exercise block had little effect on subsequent strength and power performance. The hormonal response after the strength-power bout suggests that this exercise sequence provides an enhanced anabolic milieu for adaptation.

Jump squats involve high-speed muscular contraction which stimulates mostly the “fast-twitch” muscle fibres – which are normally the biggest and strongest of all the types and subtypes. This means that if you incorporate such a move into a regular bodybuilding or strength training regimen, then you end up stimulating more muscle groups than normal.

Image source – You can also do this holding dumbbells on both hands:

jump squats badass


Could this be the reason why combining jump squats or plyometric type moves into one’s regimen causes positive, anabolic hormonal response?

“The hormonal response after the strength-power bout suggests that this exercise sequence provides an enhanced anabolic milieu for adaptation.”

Probably YES! But whatever it is what we know is that IT DOES. So what is the game plan here? Since we know that doing jump squats at the end of a session increases T-hormone synthesis and thus speed up muscle mass and strength building – then you should definitely add three to four sets at the end of your leg training.

It’s also be a great idea to superset jump squats with sissy squats – your stretch position exercise for quads (both of which are done in the end of one’s leg or quad training) if you want to FEEL THE BURN!

Till next time, eat your eggs, and do some JUMP SQUATS, A-Lifters!

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