Join The Squat First Project – It’s For the Future, You Know

If you want to raise your testosterone levels intra-workout or if you want your body to enter a hyper-growth phase, then you might want to sign up to the “Squat First Club”. Indeed that is but a little adjustment but it will surely pay its dividends.


There is a famous phrase that goes like “Love, and do what you will”. But in the Strength Training world a guy named Sloan introduced the revised quote:

“Squat and do what you will”


You see, Sloan like many other great Iron veterans, is a firm believer that squats is the number one king of all lifts due to the immense growth response that it can stimulate.

My verdict on that: Yes!  If you have read one of our earliest articles about compound free weight lifts and testosterone levels; studies have indicated that heavy compound, free weight lifts that involve several muscle groups like squats and dead lifts DO augment the body’s growth response.

Part of the reason for that is because the body detects a “challenge” or a threat with the squats or deadlifts that it must overcome and this level of “challenge” is not seen with any other lift. The result is that it will ramp up the growth response. Also since these exercises are high CNS lifts which means that your central nervous system is more involved when you do squats, weighed pushups, dead lifts, etc.

Note: The reason why we only included the big workouts for the consolidation training is the same as stated above.

thousand pound squat

Do squat OR dead lift before you train – It doesn’t have to be squats, you can also do deadlifts. But deadlifts are more taxing to the whole body while squats can be done before every workout since your legs can withstand more frequency and the same is not true for deads.

The point is to tune the body for optimal growth before you hit your target muscle group. The effect  of this method besides the fact that it will prime the bodily systems for growth – is that it is next to impossible to have lagging lower body using this technique and at the same time it can act as your warm up since a set of squats will definitely have your blood circulating no time.


The development that the lower body will undergo will also lead to increased overall growth potential for the whole body including your upper body. Remember that one of the reasons why most lifters’ arms stop growing is because they don’t give their legs love at all.


Keep in mind that huge guns require huge wheels – have you ever seen heavy tiger tank artillery being mounted on a mini cooper?


It doesn’t need to be 3 sets – 3 sets of squats before your main work might indeed be time consuming and may indeed cannibalize the energy that would be needed for your main target. Lately I have been trying to do just a set of 20 squats and the results are great. This came from the classic 20 rep squat routine although what I did was simply incorporated it before my regular lifts for the day. The weight that you must be using though must be for 10-12 reps of squats. You will end up needing to rest-pause all the way to 20 reps and that is what you want to happen – if you just breezed through the 20 reps that means that you’re using sissy weights – stop kidding around.

It doesn’t hurt to include a set of squats at the beginning of your regimen. The only thing you need to do is to manage the volume of the work that you will do for your main muscle group. Anyways you might just be doing redundant moves especially for the chest – one compound lift and another isolation lift is enough. More than that would be counterproductive especially for smaller muscle groups like your chest and biceps – with which most people try to annihilate with more exercise than it is needed in one session.

Question: Has anyone ever tried squatting before their main session? Please answer below in the comments section. Eat your eggs, people!

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