A Cool Info-graphic of why Japs live Longer

why Japanese live longer

What makes Japanese people outlive the western population? As a matter of fact, Japan ranks #2 globally in life expectancy. Their average lifespan is 85 years old; Women’s average lifespan is 88, and Japanese men live up to 81 years in average.

Note: This is a guest post by the guys from Japanesup. Send me your guest post request via the CONTACT PAGE. Us weight lifters and even regular (sedentary) people can learn a thing or two from the Japs. Here our friend describes the reasons why she thinks the Japanese generally live longer. Eat your eggs, A-Lifters!  (also read our other longevity posts – Sculptors live longer, Weight lifters live longer)

why Japanese live longer


They are the only big country in the top 5 longest living nations. The rest (Monaco, Macau, Singapore, Same Marino) are city states.

How do the Japanese do it?

Number 1 reason:

Japanese Diet = Ipod of food

-Tend to concentrate energy of food into compact and pleasurable sizes
-Beautiful eye-appealing dishes
-Compared with other developed nations, the Japanese eat fewer Calories perday and per bite
-No food demonization or severe food restriction like what we have in the US
-And they mostly eat in moderation – they tend to stop eating when they are 80% full (Hara Hachi Bu)

Lifestyle: The Japanese stay healthy and active longer

-They are less reliant on Cars, they walk or cycle
-Community groups and neighborhood associations organize communal walks, tai chi, yoga, etc
-they go out more to socialize due to smaller houses
-they postpone retirement/have second careers to work after retiring

Health Consciousness – Government focuses on preventive care and issues food advice

They have universal healthcare since 1961
-Regular checkups/mass screening for everyone at school/work or in the community by the local government
-Volunteers conduct home visits. Host seminars, clinics and cooking demos at supermarkets, shopping malls and community centers

Okinawa Case Study – Japan’s southernmost prefecture comprising 150 islands in a 1000 Km chain

There are 68 Centenarians per 100,000 residents

Low long term risk of arteriosclerosis, stomach and hormone-dependent (breast, prostate) cancer thanks to diet of:

-Taurine-rich food: Fish, squid, octopus
-Fuciodans-rich food: Seaweed, konbu
-Flavonoid-rich food: tofu
-Doctors created popular “Okinawa Diets” based on this

But due to popularity of fast food among younger generations, Okinawa fell in life expectancy ranking in recent years

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