Is it Okay to Lift Weights Right After Work

I am often asked by friends and fellow lifters alike about whether or not it’s okay to lift weights or go to the gym straight after work.

But before I answer that question here; let me ask you these questions first:

Can you give a hundred percent intensity lifting after work?

Basically how do you feel working out and lifting weights after your day job?

Do you feel energetic or do you feel like passing out?

The reason I asked those questions is basically if you cannot give a hundred percent intensity in your lifts when lifting right after work then the best thing to do is to postpone your workout until such time of the day when your energy level is high.

But what if you wouldn’t have a more perfect chance to workout afterwards? Well I say if you are going to end up missing the workout otherwise; although your body could not possibly give a hundred percent then I say go for it!

If you are itching for metal despite the fact of being exhausted– that is a GOOD sign!

If you have enough discipline not to miss a workout even though you are still exhausted from your job then that means you are in it for the long run and you are on your way for to achieving the body of your dreams!

But here in About lifting, the Ironthumb wants only the BEST results for you!

In light of that fact let examine the causes you to NOT have enough energy after your day job and what can you do about them:
-Number one and perhaps the easiest one to solve is that you are not eating properly at work. This one can be solved by of course eating a whole meal for lunch at lunch time and some small meals right before your shift ends. 

Plus points if you can squeeze a heavy meal in 2 to 1 and a half hours before you plan to go to the gym.

You dehydrate yourself at work: basically DON’T- VERY SIMPLE. Maybe you are worried about walking out for the men’s room at the middle of all the paper works, but basically it’s a sacrifice you need to make in order to achieve a better body.

Get some Gasolina beofore workouts!

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That goes without saying off course that dehydrating can not only ruin your workout for the day nor only your fitness progress – but basically it can ruin your BODY an your internal organs in the long run! 

So if you are going to dehydrate yourself on a daily basis for the sake of you job it’s your call. But I do pray that your job can provide you with a KIDNEY DONOR ten to twenty years from now.

So what can you do? Drink water at least 2 glasses every 2 hours or more if you are planning to workout later that day. Basically you must be taking in at least 13 glasses a day as a weight lifter and a bodybuilder. And I know that most jobs would at least have a break scheduled for you every 2 hours- which I guess would be enough for going to the comfort room without hindering your work.

-Your work requires you to sit the whole day and basically affects your circulation that by the time you log off; your body already feels sluggish.

Well there is not much I can do with the nature of your work- but if your job is really making you sit for long hours (which is not good at all for your testosterone levels) maybe you could like stand upto keep the blood going once in a while.

You can do some discreet seated crunches or some dips on a stairway at break time just to stimulate some flow throughout the hours you spend at work- just don’t do them to failure off course! Except if you are not planning to lift later that day.

-Your job is mentally and emotionally taxing(or worse, both): Your brain actually consumes a hefty amount of calories- imagine spending the whole 8 hours of the day dealing with morons and assholes? Forget about mentally taxing stuff like solving a calculus problem (that’s challenging but not emotionally taxing- it might even be fun for some people) ; emotionally taxing stuff eats up more calories due to the increased amount of stress hormones that your brain releases! Worse these stress hormones flood your whole body eating it up from the inside.

exhausted from work

Okay so nobody CAN EVER have fun dealing with idiots and other emotionally taxing stuff (unlike calculus) –  but the good news is that you can actually  train yourself to become emotionally neutral in dealing with these kinds of people.

I found out that removing myself from the scenario and not worrying about their reactions and the results if there is nothing I can do with it really helps me keeping my energy levels high and I feel better all throughout the day!

I suggest you train yourself to not becoming affected by people’s BS as well. Of course there will still be those times when you will get carried away- but you will get better with practice.

Plus I would rather think about what to write in this blog to ever have time thinking about some BS that people bring – you can also do that and be occupied by something else you are passionate about and if possible bring it alongside work (I don’t care if its ethical or not – but if you take my advice or not is your call and your responsibility).

-And finally off course we can also consider that you have a job that is really physically exhausting like a blue collar job or construction. But according to my experience physically taxing jobs (ones that require muscular strength and exertion) leave me feeling more energized and does not drain me as much as an emotionally taxing job does.

And off course if you have such a job then you need to eat every 2 hours and increase your intake of red meat and don’t let yourself go hypoglycemic. And basically if you have this kind of a job it would be the best if you rest up a bit even for at least 2 hours to prepare your body for the workout ahead.

So guys there you have It- but before I leave I would like to ask you:

· Of the three situations above- do you have any more you would wish to add? If so then please do the other readers a favor and tell us what it is so we can discuss it below in the comments section below

.· Can you share us one time when you needed to go to the gym right after work? What was your experience like?

Eat your eggs, people!

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