Is Following The Leviticus, Noahide or Kosher Diet Good For Lifting and Muscle Gain

Is it a good thing for a bodybuilder or a weight lifter to follow the Leviticus/ Noahide (or Kosher) diet? Now first of all let me say that I do believe that you must follow what your religion tells you before anything else – not that I am a self-proclaimed “holy” man but I know that religion is a very sacred thing for a lot of people and that a lot of what is taught in the major religions contain wisdom and common sense.

Now, since I am a born Catholic I have spent some time studying the words of God in the bible. One thing that I noticed is that all the stuff written in the bible especially in the Old Testament weren’t written at all for “God” himself or for his glory but solely for the good of mankind. I also spent hours and hours reading “The Guide for the Perplexed” which is a book perfect for those who truly want to understand the messages of the bible.  Certainly for those who were as “perplexed” as I was. You can get your copy via Amazon if you want thru my link below:

The Guide for the Perplexed

guide for the perplexed

Diet is no exception

Everything in the bible is for the good of man, that is true and diet is no exception. That is why Methuselah was said to have lived the longest (realistically I think that the years in the bible had some translation glitches or at that time they had a different way of measuring “years” but I would say that the guy lived for at least a hundred years or more – I think 900years in genesis meant 90 years) since he has walked the ways of the Lord all his life and the laws and the statues of the scriptures are all made for the longevity of man and for the good of the human race. His long life was just a manifestation of the benefits following the law of God can do to a man’s health.

The Leviticus/Noahide diet will not harm the modern bodybuilder or any lifter at all nor will it hinder his gains be it in strength or muscle size. Even the periods of “Fasting” would be beneficial to “reset” your metabolism and help you as a bodybuilder (Especially in burning fat).

The same as above goes for the statues regarding “Clean” and “unclean” animals. I would even go as far as to say that the list is quite scientific.

The Leviticus/Noahide dietary laws basically forbid eating scavenging animals like mollusks, vultures, and most insects. The only allowed insects in the scriptures are the grasshoppers and locusts. Mainly I think because the locusts only feed on crops and leaves. Check this out for a more complete list of clean and unclean animals.

About dead animals: Their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch: this one I guess is a little obvious since off course that would be a “double dead” meat which can harbor a lot of diseases. The same reason why God wants you to avoid scavenging creatures since the bacteria and the parasites, especially the worm cysts (worm eggs) that the scavengers consumed would just basically get passed on to you especially worm cysts which are designed to tolerate heat and are immune to gastric juices.

And the swine, though it divides the hoof, having cloven hooves, yet does not chew the cud, is unclean to you:

swine is unclean


That is one thing I admit that am having a difficult time following as most of our delicacies right here basically involve pork (although our pigs here are not chemically fed). But the reason behind that is also obvious and with modern medicine helping us clarify it becomes more apparent that pork tends to contain many parasites especially tapeworms and some new researches speak of cancer-related viruses growing at greater rate on pig fat. Well you would be amazed at how would the ancients have known that. And if you have ever raised a pig you would see that it is indeed an “unclean” animal. I can also attest that we have had many cases in the hospitals wherein we would find tapeworms and cysts all over the patient’s body (mostly in the leg muscles) especially if don’t cook the meat thoroughly and happen to be immune-compromised at the same time

It wouldn’t hurt us to avoid eating pork as much as possible. Right now I cannot say that I am able to follow the biblical diet 100% (especially with avoiding the pork part) but I am making it a point to reduce the amount of swine meat I eat in my diet and when I do eat pork I make it a point to cook the meat thoroughly. I also make it a point not to eat pork unless there is definitely nothing else left in the fridge.

Fat and blood are also forbidden by the law: Leviticus 7:23-27 states:

“Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘You shall not eat any fat, of ox or sheep or goat. And the fat of an animal that dies naturally, and the fat of what is torn by wild beasts, may be used in any other way; but you shall by no means eat it. For whoever eats the fat of the animals of which men offer an offering made by fire to the LORD, the person who eats it shall be cut off from his people. Moreover you shall not eat any blood in any of your dwellings, whether of bird or beast. Whoever eats any blood, that person shall be cut off from his people.”

As Maimonides explained: the fat and the blood was forbidden because most of the idolatrous rituals involve consuming blood and animal fat. But it is becoming obvious that people over-indulge in fat which is not good for the health as well. As we can see consuming large amounts of animal fat f*cks up you omega6 to omega3 balance and we have also clearly stated here that excess fat consumption could be detrimental to an ordinary person meaning to sedentary people or to people who aren’t doing any strenuous exercises on a regular basis (which accounts to more than 90% of the population).

A Lifter’s Alternatives to Animal Fat: For those who need to follow kosher which means that you are not allowed to eat any form of animal fat; don’t worry:EGG YOLKS are loaded with the cholesterol that you need to grow and what’s more – they contain omega 3 which we need and rarely get in this omega 6 filled society. You need a good balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats and eating eggs is a good way to grow and create this balance. Butter I think is also allowed since this is what Abraham served the three angels who brought them the good news; please correct me in the comments section if I am wrong. And you can also get loads of good quality cholesterol thru fish fat (you can also supplement with fish oil). Virgin Coconut Oil is also a good source of good fats (more of that on another post).

Looking at the statistics and it doesn’t seem like it would hurt (not only bodybuilders) but the whole Western world in general to follow the ways of the Lord in terms of diet. As you can see almost 67% of us are overweight at this point you would see a lot of obese people everywhere you walk. I don’t hate fat people I hate no one since I generally don’t give a f#ck, but what I feel about the obese is concern since I am a fitness and a health professional and I know that the fat itself is not killing you but the things that make you fat – that is what’s killing you namely the western lifestyle.

America really must take fitness and diet seriously and starting listening to the Noahide diet which a very scientific regimen despite the lack of technology thousands of years ago (which amazes me).

Lest the west fulfill the apocalyptic message that God has spoken to Moses about before he departs from the living world:

Deut 19-21 “But for right now, copy down this song and teach the People of Israel to sing it by heart. They’ll have it then as my witness against them. When I bring them into the land that I promised to their ancestors, a land flowing with milk and honey, and they eat and become full and get fat and then begin fooling around with other gods and worshiping them, and then things start falling apart, many terrible things happening, this song will be there with them as a witness to who they are and what went wrong. Their children won’t forget this song; they’ll be singing it. Don’t think I don’t know what they are already scheming to do, and they’re not even in the land yet, this land I promised them.”

And they eat and become full and get fat

I guess the West and any country that is adapting its diet and lifestyle are already “getting there”. Can you tell me that America isn’t getting to that “and they will get fat and worship other Gods” part? Most of us basically worship other Gods, namely super stars and other sh¡t that this society wants you to worship (and sell to you). And the result is that we are making other people rich and us decaying. I had stocks with a fast-food company so I guess I am one of those who are earning from your decay. I bought them last year for 90 bucks a share and I sold them for 160 each – do you see where I’m getting at here?

The purpose of this post is not to try to scare you off with guilt and that God is angry with you – F##CK THAT!!! God never gets angry with you; the purpose of the laws in the Bible (and whoever wrote it) is to warn us of things that are detrimental to us and now it is basically our choice to do so or not but we have to accept the consequences of our actions. Basically most of the things written in the scriptures you already knew of and you don’t need me to remind you of those.

Deut 27-29 “I know what rebels you are, how stubborn and willful you can be. Even today, while I’m still alive and present with you, you’re rebellious against God. How much worse when I’ve died!

Indeed we are – look at where it got us. How did he know I wonder?

What I hope to achieve from this post is to enlighten people of the truth and to our fellow lifters to let them know that following the Noahide law’s dietary statues should not hinder you from your goal of building muscle and strength lest religion becomes an excuse for you to stop training.

Lest religion becomes an excuse for you to stop training

Another thing is that I hope the obese and the sedentary individuals reading this will be enlightened (God knew that you were at risk for abomination) and will begin to eat and to train like a bodybuilder lest they rot as cogs in this fat decaying world that earns from healthcare. Do you want to improve your body and earn the rewards or do you want healthcare to earn from your “maintainance” drugs (that cause you to need more maintainance drugs in the future)? Its your damn choice.

By the way I am not Jewish so I don’t really practice “Kosher” so to speak (I only base my diet on what is written on the Old Testament) so I do hope some of you Jewish lifters out there would comment below of more stuff about your diet that we can learn or any corrections from the above statements I have made.I also want to hear from the Muslims who practice Rammadan and what measures do you take when it comes to getting your required meat and protein intake in those holy days? Eat your eggs, people!

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A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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