IMAGINING that you are Lifting With Passion is More Effective than SLOPPY Lifting – The Importance of Visualization

When I train, I give it my all. The radio bursting with metal tracks from, Pantera, Megadeth, John 5, and the likes; sweat flows through like waterfalls, all down to my bare feet. Intensity is high and each and every rep is a fight for freedom and redemption.

You see, that is how I train, and that is how you should too if you’re really serious about what you’re doing. Because today, the research that we will look at compares low intensity training AKA SLOPPY training and visualization or what they call imagery training.

Check this entry out from ERGO LOG and the research:

The Dutch researchers studied the effects of imagery training because they were looking for a way to keep muscles strong in people recovering from a serious bone break – a broken ankle, for example. If you cannot exercise for a long period you lose muscle strength and mass. If imagery training can help lessen this, it would be a help.


The researchers did an experiment with students. One group did half an hour of low-intensity calf muscle training five times a week for seven weeks. The subjects had to lie on a mat with their legs stretched out, and then push with their toes against the wall without moving from where they lay. They repeated this fifty times each training session.


The other group of subjects watched a video of someone doing calf raises with a barbell. While watching the subjects had to imagine that they were training their calves like this themselves.


After seven weeks the researchers measured the amount of strength the test subjects were capable of developing in their calves.


In the subjects that had done the low-intensity training, the strength of their calf muscles increased by eleven percent. In the subjects who had done imagery training, the calf muscle strength increased by thirty percent. So the imagery training was more effective than the ‘real’ training.

how was that possible? Why did the guys who did not really train gain as much as 30 percent increase in strength whilst the guys who trained albeit half-assed, BUT STILL trained only gained ELEVEN percent?

The way I see it the Imagery group’s training was more “REAL” than what the other group did.

Basically group A (low intensity group) were just asked to do something “in the name of science” and did them every day hoping to just basically get it over with. EFFORT is nowhere to be found (although they were still lucky to have experienced 11 percent boost).

Meanwhile Group B watched how the pros lift. While watching they imagined that they we’re the one doing the lifts. I don’t know about you because I myself haven’t watched the exact stuff that they watched but judging by the description that we got, it is implied that the lifters that we’re shown to them knew their sh¡t and thus have not only executed the moves with good form but also with “SOUL” and effort. –or it might be that the guys in group B became too zealous and inspired that they decided to train on their own at home, getting 30% gains, which is a possibility but nonetheless this research has proved its point clearly.

I told you above that I train hard and I lift like every lift will be my last. I imagine that I am the samurai training in my own dojo. I visualize that I am “THE MACHINE” and I am the king.

That, my friend is THE SOUL!

When you see the pros lift, you will see THE SOUL in each and every rep that they do. From Mr. Olympia, down to that big guy you see in the gym who is obviously reaping results from his lifts; you will find something different; you will feel something different when they lift. It’s like an invisible aura that radiates from their cell, or is it radiating directly from their spirit?

Dude, that thing that you feel, is THE SOUL

To reap the maximum gains one must lift with all their SOUL. My friends, if you want serious results, you need to have some serious dedication. You cannot lift like the blackberry guys in Globo gyms, no! (although you will also see some serious lifters there from time to time).

Perhaps stuff like this girl will get your “soul” goingt! (image courtesy of Fitspo)

she worksout with soul


As you can see in the research above, the SOUL is very contagious! If you have been exposed to someone who trains with THE SOUL, more or less you will be inspired to train the same way. Likewise, the more you are exposed to slackers, your soul will eventually be dried out.

This is also where the “visualization” that we spoke about quite a while ago kicks in. Visualization and mental state is as important as the training structure itself. If you train with all you SOUL, you will train with the right intensity that will guarantee a bountiful harvest.

branch warren inspired


The EFFORT that you put in your training will dictate the results that you get. Sure you can get the nutrition part right, you might even know all the medical, physiological and scientific stuff about exercise to create the “ultimate program”. But in the end, if you train without effort or without –THE SOUL- you would be better off NOT training at all because otherwise you will just be wasting your time; put it somewhere else instead where you can dedicate your SOUL!

Final word, don’t EVER lift half assed! Or your results will be. Catch you later, guys! Lift hard! Eat your eggs, people!

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