How to Stay Fit in a Graveyard Shift and when all You Do is sit

How would you maintain your physique if you’re working on an office environment and worse, in a GRAVEYARD SHIFT!?

Note: I would like to thank a friend, and a reader, Faith for asking me to write about this issue. She really has FAITH in me. 

I will be honest with you; in this situation you would mostly be in a “survival” mode. Basically it would be possible for most people to maintain their progress but it will be very, VERY difficult to make any further progress. But still yes it is possible but it would require a lot of sacrifice on your end. How did I know: Because I am basically living that life RIGHT NOW.

Now this situation could either be very good or very bad for you. It CAN be good because basically you would have the WHOLE day to do anything you want since you are basically free from work until evening and the stress that you get from transportation is reduced since not many people would travel with you during night time and the roads are often clear and sometimes even until the time you go home. This reduced stress can equate to more energy left for muscle gains and fat loss and it also strips a lot from your estimated travel time from home to work and vise versa.

BUT it could be VERY BAD for your goals as well – which is MOSTLY THE CASE. This is especially true for family guys and anyone who has a kid to take care off when they get home and other errands to run. And yes you do have the whole day to work out but most of us would just feel like sleeping and just be too mentally stressed out from work to do anything else after punching out other than maybe . . . . punching their boss!  😆

Now like what we talked about before, mental stress is the worse type of stress and can automatically qualify as Distress since it causes no adaptive response whatsoever. Mental stress drains you out of any type of recovery energy but at the same time it fucks up your hormonal production and thus contributes to obesity and fat gain BIG TIME (especially around the waist); so much that almost all of our star athletes back in high school have been reduced to fatsos now after being exposed to office work for many years; imagine the contrast from their former self? That’s just sad.

And that is not to mention that being forced to be awake at night is very stressful indeed to our body. Our body responds and heals better under a night’s sleep. I can’t quite explain why I feel better after a night’s sleep vs. a day’s sleep of the same duration, but I guess that is just how we our bodies were built. And keep in mind that your body can sense even the slightest stimulus given to it thus affecting the way it function like melatonin, the hormone that stimulates sleep – your pineal gland secretes melatonin when it senses darkness. And that is only one of the thousands and thousands of chemicals that work your bodily functions.

And furthermore training in the gym after work especially after a night shift is usually excruciating since your body’s chemical processes has just been abused. I tried that once and it made me extra dizzy after workout that I needed to hail a cab, and that stress did not come from the workout itself but technically from last night’s shift.

I ended up like this guy:

lifter extra exhausted



-So if you want to work out after work, better get some sleep first so that your body can gain some energy and don’t forget to eat an hour before. Fortunately we already have a published article about working out after work I suggest you read through that one.

-Another option is to work out just 1 to two times during your off days. I also published an article on that. You should check it out. It involves doing high intensity whole body work including squats and deadlifts so that you would get your money’s worth from the one time a week lift. It’s like a one-time big-time regimen.

I also published an article about how I gone around our company provided weight room with only dumbbells reaching only 50 pounds. It involves working only briefly but frequently through the workweek thus stimulating your body enough to build muscle and burn fat all throughout the work week.

If your work place also has a treadmill like ours, you can do some high intensity interval sprints for 20 minutes per day. It’s just basically sprinting at high speed, then walking once you get exhausted, and then when you recover, continue sprinting and so on. That is all you will do for 15-20 minutes. Off course you might want to jog at a steady pace first to warm yourself up.

Mind you, this is very effective for gaining muscle and losing weight since it activates larger FAST TWITCH fibers that eat up more calories to condition and contribute better to one’s physique and overall metabolism.

High intensity interval sprints AKA HIIT compresses a lot of workload in 20 minutes and it beats running aimlessly at a steady pace for 2 hours. So if you have a demanding night job, you’d rather not waste time running marathons while accomplishing very little in terms of improving your physique.

Just to add, HIIT also promotes healthier hormone production, and if you would only be working out for 20 minutes and you can do so right after work without hassle then it would be a good idea to run for 20 minutes first before heading home. Do that regularly and consistently for 3-4 times a week, eating NO processed food at all, increase your fluid intake and I assure you, you will see some changes in the months to come despite of working in an office environment in a graveyard shift. Eat your eggs, people!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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