How to Double your Muscle Growth by Training 45 Minutes or Less

So you want to build muscle? Some lean, mean bass-ass muscle? And you want it fast. How about 45 minutes? You can actually double your muscle gains by lifting for only 45 minutes per workout (or less).

So you go in and out of the gym doing nothing but the same old training you were doing for a year or so. And you are wondering what you can do to shock your muscles into growth so that you will get past your plateau. A common mistake made by many would be to INCREASE his time in the gym doing more reps, more sets and redundant moves.

Whenever I lift I see guys doing 6 sets with the barbell bench, 5 sets again with dumbbell bench and so on. They stay on the gym for several hours not really stimulating growth at all. They think the answer to their lack of progress is to add and add more sets, more redundant exercises, and more time on the gym when they could easily break past their growth plateau by having SHORTER workouts.

So what’s the secret?

There is no secret, the principle is the same: “Shock”. Your body has been fed up by the same routine that it stopped reacting the way it should be, so the answer is to introduce a new way of stimulating the target muscle.

We will use some of the techniques we utilized in our 30 minute Killer chest routine. The vital ingredient of the mix is:

“Do more work within a short amount of time.”

Just like HIIT where you get the more fat burning benefits in 20 minutes. So how do you do this? Simple:

Rest pause and/or Drop sets

It’s simple – for each body part chose one compound, multi joint move (bench press, squats, etc) and one isolation, single joint move (Flyes, Leg extensions, etc).

For back you will select one width-emphasis move (lat pull downs, chins, etc) and a thickness-emphasis move (T-bar rows, any bent over rowing movements, machine pulls, etc).

Franco t bar rows

T bar rows are perfect for drop sets

For Biceps, select any two exercises since most bicep moves are single joint.

What to do:

For body parts that have compound moves, you will off course do warm-up sets first with it then proceed with doing hardcore drop sets with it (up to 5 drops) or rest pauses (for 20-30 seconds rest each failure up to 5 rest pauses). Each rep must be a minimum of 6 reps – and yes each drop is up to failure. Then the isolation work will be done with the typical 3 set scheme and after that you’re done with that bodypart.

For biceps and back you will either do the dropsets/rest pauses on any of the two moves (since you will be choosing two moves regardless of being compound or isolation). Then the other move will be done with the typical 3 set scheme then you’re good for that bodypart.

Example workout for shoulders:

Seated military press (preferably on a machine or a smith machine):

2 sets light warm up

Drops sets – six drops, each drop reaching for failure (off course you must utilize smaller plates so that you can drop appropriately)

(5 minutes rest)

Lateral raises – 3 sets 8-12 reps (slow tempo)


Example workout For biceps:

Spider curls – What the hell is that? see it here

Warm up 2 sets

Rest pause – 6 rest pauses after initial failure – try to do at least 6 rest pauses each

(Rest 5 minutes)

Concentration curls – 3 sets – 10 – 12 reps per side

You can do 2 or 3 body parts with this kind of routine and still finish before 45 minutes.

Now I hope you got the idea hopefully you can create a shock 45 minute program of your own. However after doing this for 2 or 3 weeks; return to your regular basic program then from there you decide how to do your own “periodizations” and change up your schemes every week or two. Can you share your own training scheme at the comments section below? Eat your eggs people!

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