How to Combine Volume and High Intensity in the Same Workout

If you have been reading Aboutlifting for a while; chances are you know the inverse relationship between intensity and volume. Intensity involves heavier weight therefore lower reps and high volume means higher reps therefore lighter weight must be used.

But in this post we will teach you how to combine high intensity and high volume – which might sound crazy at first but in fact this is very effective and no doubt you will pack on some lean muscle pounds with this one.

There are two ways on how to do this:

1) Utilize gradually decreasing rest periods – you will use a weight that is only heavy enough to be handled for 6-8 reps. You will go about the main compound move of the body part using that weight but you will only give yourself  30 seconds to rest between sets for 3 to 4 sets.

Now that is on your first week – on the following weeks you will be gradually reducing your rest periods until you reach 10 seconds then stay at 10 seconds for a week more then get back to your normal rest periods after that.

You see, this is like treating the regular sets like a rest pause therefore those four sets could actually count as just a single set and thus with that little rest between sets, even if you use a weight you could only handle for 6 or 8 reps, the effect would be the same as a high volume workout.

Another positive effect of this method is that it will definitely increase your work capacity. But don’t stay on this for more than a month.

2) Utilize  4 drops drop set – On your major compound move you will use at least four drop sets starting from a weigh that you can only handle for 6 reps. We have discussed this method here.

Each failure reduces the weight by 20-25 percent until the fourth failure. You must reach failure even before you drop the plates. Strive to accomplish at least 10 reps on your dropped sets but it’s still ok if you can do less as long as you “fail”.

branch warren

Those chains are made for drop-sets – each failure, drop one chain (which weigh at around 35lbs each) – Branch is well known for doing crazy 70-100 reps in his drop sets!

See, those techniques above will give you the benefit of using heavy weights (high intensity) and at the same time being able to complete many reps in the shortest amount of time (high volume). The result is that you will develop a wider range of fiber types leading to greater hypertrophy and better muscle gains. Talk about getting your money’s worth at the gym!

You see, all the great bodybuilders at one point at least; have combined high intensity and high volume in a single workout by using similar techniques as those we’ve discussed above. That is why well-developed bodybuilders tend to have a well balanced ratio of fast and slow twitch muscle fibers (almost equal) in contrast to strongmen and powerlifters who have predominantly higher percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers.

Have you used any of these two methods? What range of intensity do you usually use? Eat your eggs, people!

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