How Big is Big Enough – How do You Know When to Stop Getting Bigger

A colleague of mine whose name is Francis asked me about “How do you know when it’s time to stop getting big?” He wanted to know how big is big enough and whether or not there is a level wherein one would just decide to stop and call it quits.

Obviously Francis isn’t a bodybuilder nor is he a lifter of any kind so it’s only natural (and forgivable) for him to think of an undertaking such as lifting in such a manner. We all know that for seasoned lifters, there would be no such thing as “too big” which is what I answered him with and it doesn’t surprise me that he still seemed puzzled.

It is only natural for sedentary individuals to think of physical exertion as some sort of a “burden” that if one reaches a certain milestone then it’s time to stop undergoing the inconveniences. Most of us in this “modern” day and age have lived our lives sitting around in the office or around computers; kids right now prefer Warcraft over playing Tag for God’s sakes!

The result of this sedentary culture is that we tend to forget how refreshing and relaxing it is to exert physically. It has been already established that “motion” is the greatest medicine of all and right now people cannot even fathom that idea.
That is what makes them think that we are kind of “weird” pursuing this whole bodybuilding “thing” that they would automatically ask in their heads “When are they going to take a break?” and the answer to that is NEVER!

And to be honest this is not the first time I received this question. I also used to get this a lot when I was still in high school Taekwondo. For some reason people around me always seemed curious of when I am I going to retire.

“So, are you going to do that just until you reach black belt?”

I always heard stuff like that in any physical undertaking that I pursue and to which I always answer with

“I don’t know when and I don’t care. All I know right now is that this is my life”

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Any ironhead (or any athlete for that matter) would be able to relate to that; we live this life, we build our bodies and we train our mind and we wake up every day with one goal in mind:

To become bigger, better, and stronger than we were yesterday

And we would settle for nothing less. We are happy and are literally “addicted” to living that way in a day to day basis. We are addicted because it brings us something good and because we know deep inside that we better ourselves with our passion and pursuit.

We don’t dream about that day when we are “big enough or good enough to quit” no; for us that is unimaginable. We know that we will not reach that level and even if we do get ten times better we know that even that will not please us enough to make us quit but instead will make us EVEN MORE ADDICTED to our pursuit

So the last thing I said to Francis is this: that all big, bad bodybuilders who have huge arms have one thing in common:

“They all think that their arms are still so small!!”

Eat your eggs, people!

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