Home vs. Gym Workout: Which one is better?

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In the past few years, hundreds of new gym franchises have popped up on virtually every street corner. While on the surface this seems like a great idea, the truth is you can get just as fit at home.

Gyms are often huge money pits and time sucks. In fact, not joining a gym is one of the top fitness hacks for 2017!

Yet gyms remain super popular, possibly because people don’t know any other alternative. So today, let’s put the gym on trial and decide once and for all if a home or gym workout is better.

Money: Which Delivers the Best Bang for Your Buck?

Gym fees and membership costs can pile on, resulting in a hefty yearly bill. Most gym memberships only offer the bare bones, and you’ll have to shell out extra money for everything from classes to personal training.

Still, most people think the gym is a more cost-effective fitness option because you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for a quality home gym. Not true!

While upfront equipment costs seem daunting at first, those costs will pay off. Over your lifetime, the home gym will end up being cheaper than the local gym.

Top-Notch Equipment: the Gym’s Advantage?

Now here is where most people will claim that gyms are superior.

Not true! At best, gym equipment can be marginally clean and functional. At worst, it can be sweaty and old– a dangerous combination that can result in injury. You have full control over your machines at home and can make sure they’re clean and well maintained.

One of the best pieces of equipment you can get for your home is a stationary bike. These tools are less monotonous than a treadmill and offer the perfect cardio for beginners and fitness buffs alike.

Woman doing exercise on stepper. Close-up on legs.


One of the best brands is Sunny Health and Fitness offering everything from standard cycling bikes to recumbents and even a mini cycle! The reviews of the Sunny Fitness Bike are all raving, proving this bike is great for rounding out your cardio routine.

Convenience: the “Roll Out of Bed” Workout

Accessibility and convenience are probably the top reasons people choose home fitness. You won’t have to struggle to get up the motivation to pack a bag, find your keys, venture out into the cold, and drive to the gym.

Simply roll out of bed and get going! Then, after you’ve built up a sweat, you can stretch out on the floor and rest.

From there, it’s just a few short steps to a homemade protein shake and a hot shower.

People: The Best and Worst Aspect of the Gym

A gym is a communal place where everyone trains together.

To some, this may seem like a perk– your group can provide accountability and encouragement, along with good spotters.

But to others, the communal aspect of the gym is an invasion of privacy and also intimidating. Especially for a beginner or someone who’s more self-conscious, who might be daunted by all those fitness buffs.

Plus, with hundreds of sweaty bodies in the same building, gyms are just gross! Who wants to use equipment covered in other people’s sweat while judging eyes watch you from all sides? No thanks!

So how do you get accountability and stay motivated to train? Try a social fitness app, like PACT, which allows you to bet on your workouts.

Nike+ allows you to share your running stats with friends, and PumpUp is full of great, motivating conversations about fitness.

There are hundreds of fitness communities and groups on the standard social media platforms too. It’s just a matter of finding your favorite.

Options: Limited at Home?

Gyms offer lots of variety, but you don’t need a bunch of frou-frou extras to get fit and build muscle. Try incorporating more bodyweight exercises into your routine to develop some serious strength.

A good set of weights is vital to a home gym, and there are a few machines that are great to have at home too. Plus, you can customize your equipment knowing exactly what you will use. If you’re not a runner, don’t buy a treadmill!

Your home offers variety when it comes to routine as well. You’re not just stuck with the same old equipment and weights– you can go outside for a run, stream exercise videos, download exercise apps, and do pretty much any exercise you want anytime you want.

The other main selling point for gyms is their programs and personal trainers. But why stick to a script someone else wrote that might not work for your body and fitness goals?

Develop your own program, or do some digging online to decide which will be best for you. Plus, most trainers will be glad to design a program for you that you can complete entirely at home.

Take control over your fitness! By skipping the gym in favor for your home, you can get a better-quality workout with major perks!

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2 thoughts on “Home vs. Gym Workout: Which one is better?

  1. The question of which is better–a home gym or a gym membership–is similar to the newbie question, “What exercise or work-out routine should I take up to get fit?” The right answer to both questions is: start with the the thing that you’ll actually do! Some people love the convenience of a home gym. The fact that it’s “always there” doesn’t encourage procrastination; it actually encourages them to get their workout in. By contrast, some people need to mentally and physically separate their home and work routines from their workout time. The external gym to them is a refuge or a temple and the travel to/from is part of the needed ritual. I’m not sure what personality drivers separate the two types of people. One just needs to try a bit of each to see what works.

    1. Thanks for the Comment! For me, unless I have many plates that I would need for my training at home, I would still stick to my rotation of street weight rooms. I personally HATE corpo gyms! When I lift I want the real steel and the smell of iron. If you’re around Arlington Texas, you SHOULD visit Metroflex at least ONCE in your life


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