Harder is SEXIER

Harder is sexier! Some dudes love to fuck around in the gym doing some sissy sets they call “ball busting” – they would run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and say – “hell, that was INTENSE!” (AND WE ALL KNOW THAT STEADY STATE CARDIO IS MORE SUITED TO GAY men THAN MEN)

Some lifters Cheat incorrectly while trying to hoist an impossible weight – end game is they get less work done because of the mere awkwardness of the rep. And some come to the weight room simply to “work out” instead of training, sad but true.

What I want to do with you today is to make your life HARDER!

HARDER IS BETTER – in the weight room, effort counts. Harder sets mean that there is a higher “effort” in your sets. Effort is one of the things that weightlifters adjust to attain progression over time or “linear progression” as they call it, although it is given that progression is never perfectly linear.

So if you have been losing progress in the gym (I hate that word that is why I use the word “weight room” more often), then you are probably not working HARD enough for your level. So here are a few ways on how to make your sets HARDER and we are starting with the very basic ones like:

Dips just got harder:

evan centopani dips


Use full ROM – Full ROM means that you utilize the full range for the target muscle.

This is where most lifters suck – we try to hoist an impractical weight that is not compatible to our developmental stage (does that sound Freudian? I KNOW RIGHT!?), but then do some half ass ¼ reps; this is especially true for squats.

Depending on body structure though, you will not need to get to full lockout like in bench press where it’s a good idea to stop elevating the bar short of lockout – since the rest would involve more triceps than chests. But anyways you will never go wrong with prioritizing going into full range of motion for a particular muscle.

Eliminate Momentum and bouncing off the weight – Most show-offs would just bounce the weight off their chests when doing benches. Obviously you will get very little to no muscle stimulation doing this.

The same goes for those who will just do extra fast reps in order to just lift the successive reps using the momentum of the former rep. This is great if you don’t want to stimulate any muscular development!

Remember this: Muscular development doesn’t depend on the poundage that you throw around – but how these dead weights STIMULATE your muscles. In order to incite full development and adaptation response you need to make sure that you actually ACTIVATE the target muscle properly and not bounce your way around your reps – otherwise your gains will just be as ridiculous as you look while performing those reps.

Focus on free weights NOT MACHINES – majority of your training regimen must revolve around free weights and the BIG MASS-BUILDING, consolidated moves (Squats, weighed pushups, dips, chins, dead lifts) and free weight barbell and dumbbell moves which have high CNS involvement. (Remember that CNS involvement is very important – high CNS factor lifts gives the body a signal that you are trying to run away fro a possible danger and in turn your body kick starts better adaptation response to your session).

Note:Beginners must not have any business with machines and cables at all for their first two or 4 months or until they make decent gains with their consolidated moves.

Use some HIT moves – HIT has gained a lot of controversy over these past few years because of their prescribed volume. Although I personally do not recommend following a “HIT” regimen religiously (because of the ridiculously low volume) I find that their “techniques” are great for augmenting any training regimen.

One example is Mentzer’s “Inflitonic” reps (which I rightfully call the Weight Training Technique FROM HELL). It involves the last set of a compound move and having a partner push the bar down on you (in a controlled manner off course) while you resist this downward force as hard and as long as you can. Then when you cannot lift the weight anymore, your partner should spot the weight up then you will still resist the negative motion until you can no longer lower the bar under control – that is called “total failure”!

There you go! Keep those little things in mind and you will be on your way to unbelievable gains! Eat your eggs, A Lifters!

A-Lifter- Don't forget to leave your comment/feedback below.  If this article was helpful, I am sure our book Real Talk Muscle will help you even more in your quest for muscle gain. Check it out you can read the first few chapters as well.
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