Happy Mother’s Day to SQUATS – The Mother of all Workouts

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there! And in this occasion who can forget the mother of all workouts – the squats!!

If there’s a father of all gym workouts, that would be the badass deadlifts, and the prodigal son would be the barbell presses; and off course the ever nourishing mother of all workouts would be the SQUATS! Thus is the trinity of the lifts! All hail the Squats!

When it comes to raw pounding stimulus for muscle and strength gains, nothing comes close to the MOTHER! Not even leg presses come close to the growth potential that true blue squats initiate. Even a girl can leg press almost a thousand pounds but could hardly squat 2 hundred.

Basically the squats put the weight crushing onto your body wherein the load is literally set at top it. The whole body needs to strengthen itself to survive the pressure and your core and stabilizers work full time to sustain the weight.

Squats teach you to get back up strong after being CRUSHED down to the ground!

And when you get up, you will never be the same man!

Whenever you get back up from full perpendicular squat (without rounding your back), you get up as a better man each and every rep.

old school deep squats


Squats not only play a huge role in leg development but is also vital to the whole body’s development – as you get accustomed to more weight with squats; your body will inevitably increase in lean muscle mass as well.

As you get stronger with the squats, you will inevitably become stronger in almost all the other lifts specially with the very popular bench press (provided that you bench with the right form). So it goes, better mothers lead to better sons, and here your son is the bench press and your mother is the squats!

And you can do the squats anyway you want: front squats, back squats, one-leg squats, sumo squats, wide-stance squats, box squats, zercher squats, etc! All of those are your REAL mama!

That’s the great thing about this kind of mother; you don’t need a DNA test to confirm if she’s the real mother that bore you. You only need to remember one thing:

The squats should be done using FREE WEIGHTS – Plain and Simple!

Or even just body weight (especially with one leg squats) – if there are machines involved that only move in a fixed plane; then that is not your real mother! That mother is the kind that doesn’t love her children, doesn’t clean, doesn’t cook, doesn’t show affection to kids, doesn’t want kids in the first place, loves her job more than family, and cheats on dad.

So whatever type of squats you wish to do and comfortable doing; DO IT! Personally I love doing Zercher and front squats than regular back squats, but it’s fine as long as you get your ass on the free weights and not the machine. Apply squats into your routine right now.

Here’s how Zercher’s are done (by Bill Clark):

zercher squat


Try the squat first regimen, personally I squat before any workout – this makes sure that I gain something from that training day. Squats are almost like insurance that your workout is going to have its desired effect of strength and muscle growth.

So let us take today to honor the mothers in our lives (your mother and the mother of your children). Love them and don’t give them a headache! And for that put the squats above all the other lifts and love it just like a real mom. Do the Squats FOR MAMA!!

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