Gym Etiquette and Discipline- Return the DAMN Weights

So what is the most effective way to continue getting gains from lifting weights and working out in the gym? Most would not know this but here it is “OBSERVING GYM ETIQUETTE” (besides following scientific, balls to the wall training).

Today we will talk about one simple thing you can do to observe gym etiquette and muster discipline.

So why is gym etiquette very important? Well technically gym etiquette is a sign and a practice of discipline. And we all know that fools without discipline never gain the progress that they want.

Without discipline everything is for naught. I have never seen a successful bodybuilder or power lifter without discipline. Most of the time the same people who don’t even have the discipline to return the plates they used are also the ones who look like toothpicks or land whales who never seem to make any gains at all no matter how often they go to the gym.

So what is the ONE simple way to observe gym etiquette and show discipline?

Simple: RETURN THE -D A M N- WEIGHTS! Yup you read it right and I bet you might have guessed from the recent paragraph.

I remember like 5 years back- in the gym where I grew up- the gym where I trained for shot put when I played for my college. This is where I went up to almost 180 pounds of muscle (180 pounds is already huge for me since I am just five six). That gym was called Box out; truly a hard core gym- you will never see any chrome stuff or plastic wrapped plates- just pure steel all around.

But what was really hardcore was the gym attendant (and trainer in one), Tom. He’s a guy in his fifties but still carries some solid muscle and looks at least ten years younger. 

Well he was the trainer back there but I never trained under him but he was my friend (I already knew what I was doing back then, heck I could have even TRAINED HIM) but I always admired the way he ran the place; he was like the bartender back there.

One thing about his was that he was so strict with returning the weights and it is a fact that he banned a couple of undisciplined patrons because of not returning weights despite several warnings.

And I agree. Way back when I was still working with one of the popular gym chains I have observed that these corporate guys don’t even have “returning weights to the rack” installed into their very wide vocabulary of nonsense. As a consequence (or coincidence?) they never seem to gain any muscle. But I would also be open to consider the argument that they just wanted to look sissy in to first place.

These people lack the gym etiquette and discipline. And without discipline; forget about having serious gains- and I bet Tom knew this that is why he even banned the guys who obviously never had it- he was just probably trying to save their time since they are all set for failure anyway.

I would even go as far as to state that even if you are using a super efficient and effective training method such as the “Ironthumb Method” but don’t have discipline and gym etiquette you will still fail and achieve nothing. That is how important gym etiquette is.

And consider this: how much time will it take you to return some plates you have used into where they were so the next person can use them? Imagine how better your relationship would be with the people around you? How much more will they admire your strength and discipline which screams respect to the very core? Not to mention that returning weights is another way to reduce unnecessary injuries in the gym. Remember even the most hardcore of the hardcore gyms observe this very basic etiquette.


Metroflex- discipline in the gym

But of course you don’t need to go as far as returning the stuff you haven’t used. There is a difference between having discipline and being a tool.

So there you go; a very simple and effective way to observe gym etiquette and muster self discipline. Please leave your suggestions, comments and reactions into the comments section. Eat your eggs,

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